8 things to do with a flowering houseplant!

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Have you got Photographer’s Block? Here are eight ideas for photos using one simple flowering plant.

Take a straight-on record shot. Go for big depth of field – use a small aperture such as f16 or f22. Aim for razor sharpness and good depth of field.

Look down. What does it look like from above?

Look up. Put it above eye level and shoot upwards. Try putting a diffused light above it and catch the light through the petals.

Put it on a light box. Take one flower head, petal or leaf, depending on the size of your plant and its translucency, and photograph it on the light box. If you haven’t got a light box, a sheet of glass or perspex with a light underneath it will do. Be sure to check your white balance, though.

Get in close. Photograph just one single flower head.

Get in closer. Select a large aperture such as f4 for small depth of field, and shoot just one petal.

Get in closer still! Use a close-up filter or macro lens and really show the details in the stamens.

Change the colour. Take your photo into an image editing program and see what it would look like in different colours. You could even do half a dozen and join them together for the ‘Andy Warhol’ effect.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be a plant. You could use this approach with virtually any object, indoors or out. The trick is to look at it in different ways and see if you can find unusual but eye-catching photos in ordinary everyday objects.


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