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Before I begin introducing to you about Bukisa, let me show you some true reports first. Below is a screenshot of my PayPal email report that I received.


In order to protect my own privacy, I have blanked out intimate details of my transaction.

This is a recent report of Bukisa sending me a payout for my earnings, and as you can see I have just received USD$29.90 in January.

How did I get USD$29.90 in the first place?

First, I had about 32 articles when I met their pay out for November at the beginning of December, when my articles earned USD$13 for me.

The payout threshold was only at USD$10 monthly, but before I was receiving my first payout, it seems like I needed USD$30 as a net base first.

For December, I published more articles, and my total payout was USD$29.90, which was just ten cents short of USD$30; however I got my payout instead.

It’s really a little confusing to me and I had emailed them about it for an explanation before, yet it seems like I don’t really understand fully about how do they give payouts for authors who meet their payout treshold.

But what really matters is that Bukisa pays and I am happy to receive my payout.

And the image below is my Bukisa Dashboard screenshot.


Let me begin introducing Bukisa to you.

In my personal experience and opinion, Bukisa is a good way to make money online.

Bukisa is an online publishing site that pays its authors by the amount of unique page views per article.

Articles that shares knowledge, information or “how-tos” are encouraged by Bukisa.

It has a unique payout system by its own “Bukisa payout index”, currently at USD$3.49. This means for every 1000 unique page views for your total amount of articles, you will earn USD$3.49 according to the “Bukisa payout index”.

So in layman terms, every 1000 unique visitors to your articles will guarentee USD$3.49 into your account.

If you are familiar with Google Adsense, it means that the guarenteed “effective cost-per-thousand impressions (eCPM)” is at USD$3.49 according to the “Bukisa payout index”.

This Bukisa payout index will change accordingly to whether the company earns well or not.

Also, the minimum payout treshold is USD$10 monthly for PayPal, so if every month you can receive USD$10 and more through your PayPal account if you have good readership of your articles.

And you will generally receive your payout by the 6th of every month.

If it’s free to join, so what’s the catch about Bukisa?

Let me list for you about some important information that you must know.

Catch #1: The catch is that it takes time and effort to write and publish, and your results of your labor will not show immediately.

At the beginning my articles only earned me a few pennies or cents a day.

It is only when I published about 30 articles that I can receive more than USD$10 per month.

These articles are all more than 500 words and some are more than 1000 words. Literally I have written hundreds of thousands of words just to make money online.

However there are online writers who makes more than USD$100 per month literally from these online publishing sites like Bukisa, and they have over 100 articles.

Tip: Just write 1 article every two to three days. In 1 month you will have 10 to 15 articles, and in 1 year you will have 120 to 180 articles.

So it just takes consistency and dedication to write, and you will be able to earn some money for yourself.

Catch #2: You need to write well while be able to apply some search engine optimization (SEO) to your articles to attract readership.

If you want to know more about the definition of SEO, click “SEO guide: What is SEO, and the myths and truths about it“.

Bukisa articles are favored by search engines, especially Google.

So writing well is a must if you want visitors to visit your articles through search engines, while you must learn to use good keywords on your title to attract visitors to click on your articles.

If you want to learn some SEO tips to help you get started with SEO techniques, click “SEO tips: How to do your own keyword research part 1: Introduction“.

I have an article which I have chose a title wrongly, and up till now it has zero readership. That’s how important SEO really is to get traffic from search engines.

Quality and quantity of articles will boost your earnings at Bukisa.

Catch #3: You should have or register a PayPal account to receive your payouts.

This is not exactly a catch but I guess people do want to know how you should be receiving your money.

Register for a PayPal account for free, and you can start earning money through Bukisa.

What are some of the things you must know to avoid your articles being banned by Bukisa?

There are many people who got banned by Bukisa because they do not know the rules. Let me show you some important ones that you might miss out.

First, self-promotion or self-advertisement is forbidden.

You might ask about what defines self-promotion or self-advertisement.

I have not been able to get the Bukisa staff to define this term in black or white, but I observed some people and articles getting banned from Bukisa by some incidents.

1. Articles that contains links to online business sites or affliate products.

In their terms and conditions, Bukisa forbids business connections of any kind to their articles, and if you contain links to business sites or affliate products in your articles, you might not receive your payout.

So this is bad news for people who want to do article marketing in Bukisa.

However, linking to non-business blogs is allowed in Bukisa (and in one of my queries with a Bukisa staff, the blog should have no Click-bank affliates).

Secondly, buying or generating traffic to your articles by unnatural means is forbidden.

I ever toyed with this thought until I read the terms and conditions.

Before every payout, they will review about how you get your traffic, and getting traffic through advertisements or buying traffic is not allowed.

So don’t even think about it unless you want to forfeit your payout.

Thirdly, bad grammar for your articles.

Bukisa checks for bad grammar, and they reject articles that does not have good grammar for their articles.

Pros and Cons of Bukisa

This is important for you to understand fully about Bukisa before attempting to join the party of making money online through writing. However it’s rather long so if you prefer to stop here and join Bukisa for free you should do so now.

Pros of Bukisa

1. You do not need to worry too much about SEO and about the profitability of your keyword terms.

Although SEO is important to attract visitors to your articles, it is not needed to help you generate money as everything else is already decided by the Bukisa index.

There are other online publishing sites that use Google Adsense for authors to earn money.

The problem with these other publishing sites is that you will need to research on subjects and keyword terms that will help you to make money, because authors only earn money when visitors click on the advertisments in the articles.

For example, if you are going to write an article on poems in online publishing sites that use Google Adsense, you will not receive much money because poems is a relatively unprofitable keyword term and subject.

Advertisers will not bid much money on the subject on poems and its keyword terms, so when visitors click on these advertisements in your articles, you might just get pennies and you may not even earn money at all.

Not so with Bukisa, because you can make money with the subject on poems if you are able generate enough visitors and readership with your articles.

That’s a major plus point for using Bukisa.

2. Payout threshold is at USD$10 for PayPal at Bukisa.

If I am not mistaken, you will need at least USD$100 to receive a cheque from Google Adsense for your payout.

With Bukisa paying out payouts at a threshold of USD$10 for PayPal, it helps you to see some monetary gains faster than using Google Adsense from other online publishing sites.

Cons of Bukisa

1. Bukisa is a little buggy to use.

It irritates me when I tried to submit an article, and it turns out to be in draft instead. I have to go into the draft and re-submit the article again just to make sure it is submitted for editoral review.

There was a time where I tried to write my articles, only for my web browser to crash, and I have to re-submit my articles for more than 8 times!

Bukisa still has bugs, although it has been improving tremendously ever since.

However making money online proves to me to be more important than its bugs, so I endure it.

2. Your articles need to be approved by editors, and they approve articles at irregular times.

It seems like they only approve articles once or twice a day by the bulk.

Especially over the weekend, it seems that my articles do not get approved promptly, and that the editors may be having a holiday themselves too.

Its the irregularity that makes it difficult to pinpoint when I should be writing my articles, however its not a major flaw to me, as they at least approve articles once a day.

Final words for this post

Bukisa is a good choice to make money online, and if you want to have a hand in making money online, you should try it out!

You can join Bukisa here for free if you wish.

I have an article, “SEO tips: How to do your own keyword research part 1: Introduction“, to help you out in getting traffic for your articles, blog or website. Find out more if you wish.

I will post more articles that will help you to maximize your earnings online, so stay tuned for more updates!


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