How to switch to Dvorak on XP

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Want to type faster?  Of course you do, everyone does.  What you probably don’t know is that the QWERTY keyboard layout that you are probably using is horribly inneficient for typing in English.  It was designed in order to keep typewriter for jamming for pete’s sake, its as archaic as any dinosaur.  The good new is that there are better layout available.  One of these is Dvorak, a layout created for maximum effeciency when typing in english. 

Don’t worry though, you don’t need to run out and buy a brand new keyboard in order to use this wonderfull layout.  You can switch the layout on your computer’s software!  Nearly all OSs have a Dvorak option but seeing how I titled this article “How to switch to Dvorak on XP” I will only be telling you how to do it on XP

Here is how:

1) Go to the start menu and Select Control Panel.  Then Select Reigonal and Language Options.  (Alternately press Windows+R and then type control intl.cpl)

2) Click the Language tab

3) Click the Details button

4) In the installed service window press add and then add United States-Dvorak

5) Then in the dropdown bar labeled Default input language select United States-Dvorak and press ok in the windows. 

6) Voila! You did it.  If you would like to include a button on the desktop or the taskbar then just go to the language tab again and select details and then choose language bar and select you’re preferred option.

Happy (Hopefully much faster) typing! Good luck!


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