Why I Love Ice – And Why You Should Too

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1. Ice saved my life (and it could save yours).

When I was diagnosed with kidney cancer a year ago, I was facing a serious operation that involved removing part or all of my kidney. Either that or I could do nothing and die. Luckily, I found a fantastic doctor in New York city who saved my kidney and my life using ice. The procedure is relatively new and is known as cryoablation. Basically, it involves inserting a needle into the tumor and freezing the tumor until it is an ice ball, and the cancerous tissue dies. I spent one night in the hospital and was feeling fine in a few days. In addition to kidney cancer, cryoablation is being used on liver and lung tumors as well.

2. Ice is the best first-line treatment for acute sports injuries.

Truth be told, I have a love/hate relationship with ice; it was ice on the ski slope that brought me crashing down and caused me to tear the ligaments in my knee. I hated ice for that. But it was also ice that helped bring the swelling down in the aftermath and alleviate some of the pain. So, I forgive you ice.

3. Ice may save my life again – forever.

I’m talking about cryogenics, of course; Freezing my body at my time of death until they find a cure for what killed me, be that cancer, a heart attack or old age. It’s really quite affordable these days. Crazy? We’ll see. Well, I’ll see, you won’t. Unless you get frozen too.

4. Slushies.

5. It keeps our planet healthy.

You’ve seen it on the news: The polar ice caps are melting. That spells bad news for our planet. Melting ice caps means rising water levels, flooding, destroyed habitats – environmental chaos. We need that ice. Learn to love it like I do.

6. If it wasn’t for ice, we would probably be eaten by dinosaurs.

While there is still debate over what exactly killed the dinosaurs, the general consensus among most researchers seems to be a big ol’ asteroid. Whatever dinosaurs weren’t killed by the initial impact were killed off by the resulting ice age. So, thank you, ice. Because as cool as dinosaurs are, I prefer life without them.


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