How to Be a Good Leader in a Group

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In many classes in college professors join people together in groups so they can work on a project better. Also they know that a group is a source of power when its members contribute in the work together as well as individually. Despite what the professors think the dark side of a group can become a major force for the failure of the project. This usually happens when its leader gives an air of extreme bossiness. This makes the members feel used, bored, reluctant, unenthusiastic and what not! Consequently, not much input is seen in the project, which eventually lowers grades of all the members. If you are planning on becoming the leader for a group you want to avoid such calamity. To get the best out of everyone you have to be that one leader who does not only lead, but also sets an example for them. But how? To know it, follow the steps.

Step 1: Brush up your manner to stay polite to all and at the same time give in an air of enthusiasm about the project. That is, stay jolly. This will motivate the members to work with total energy and they will not feel pushed around.

Step 2: Design a strategy for the project by welcoming everyone’s idea. In a clear way, come up with an outline for the project, assign specific tasks to each member including yourself and set a due date for the completion of the project.

Step 3: When communicating with group members through emails or phone treat them with respect and thank them for the effort they are applying to the project.

Step 4: Listen to everyone’s ideas in non-judgmental manner. Even if they seem irrelevant note them down. This will show that you respect the members and at the same time have an alternative to the idea that is already on the run. It should be more like if plan A does not work you are going to try plan B.

Step 5: To avoid frustration during a disagreement over any kind of idea or plan, invite voting system. Select the idea or plan that gets majority of the votes in the group. This will maintain the fairness for all the members.

Step 6: Always stay ready to clarify a member’s doubts. But if you feel you do not have the answer discuss the doubt with the group for additional responses and clarifications.

Step 7: Three days before the due date, send out a polite, but formal email to all the members reminding them to complete their tasks.

Step 8: After the project has been completed and turned in thank all the group members for the effort they have applied to it. Tell them you enjoyed working with them and hope to meet them again next semester.


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