World of Warcraft Warlock Tips: How to Play the Class that Commanads Demons Better in WoW

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Warlocks in World of Warcraft summon demons to help them in their nefarious tasks through the World of Azeroth. The Pet Usage Guide will give a warlock an idea of how, when, and where to use his pets, but pets are only one part of playing a warlock.

Controlling pets is as much as part of the warlock class as it is for the hunter, and the class does well solo, but warlocks have several abilities that make them handy to have around in groups. Knowing what works solo and what works well in groups is the key to playing a warlock well.

1. Use Fear Only When Soloing

The first warlock tip revolves around the fear spell. Fear causes a mob that the warlock is fighting to run away from the warlock. This works well outside of instances or many of the caverns that dot the game world’s landscape. Inside an instance, using fear is a good way for the warlock to cause his group to wipe.

2. Use Curse of Recklessness Indoors

The second warlock tip involves the spell curse of recklessness. While using the spell may lower the DPS dealt by the warlock slightly, the spell prevents a mob from running. It also prevents fear effects from being used on the target of the spell. The only problem with curse of recklessness is that it is not always advantageous. In some situations it curse of recklessness might be detrimental. A good way to use it is to do as much damage to the mob using dots as possible and then switch to curse of recklessness when a mob is low on health to keep it from running.

3. Pet Control is Vital

Much like hunters must be aware of what there pet is doing, warlocks must prevent the problems their pets can cause for precisely the same reasons. So, the third warlock tip is for the player of a warlock character to be aware of where his pet is, what is pet is doing, and know how to control or dismiss the pet when necessary. In an instance, a pet should be put on passive. This will prevent an imp, warlock, succubus or felhunter from attacking any mob unless directed to do so by his summoner.

Tips and advice on how to play a warlock better may be found on the official World of Warcraft forums , and guild mates are good sources of additional advice. If all else fails, bugging a higher level warlock in game is a plausible, but not always successful tactic to get good advice from an experienced player of the class.


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