Be a Romantic Date

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Being a romantic date isn’t rocket science. It just takes a few moments of extra thought and care. Your goal is to make your date feel special, and adored. Here I have listed 10 ways to be a romantic date:

1- Put a little extra effort into your date attire. Add a few accessories to your outfit to show you really thought about looking good for your date. You are trying to impress them aren’t you? If you are a man, add something manly and debonair, perhaps a beautiful silk scarf around your overcoat or a stylish hat. If you are a woamn add something feminine, or sweet, or sparkly sucha as a beautifully elegant and shiny necklace and earing set.

2- Smell good, but don’t over do it. Try using a scented bath or shower gel of your favorite perfume. The scent will linger on your skin for sometime and wont be overpowering. You can also add a drop of perfume or cologne to your clothing or hair to esnure maximum coverage. Apply these droplets well in advance of your dates arrival as you want to be as subtle yet wonderfully aromatic as possible.

3- Keep eye contact. Your date will love that you have eyes only for them. Look into their eyes whenever they speak and you will make them feel as if they are the only person around, even in a crowded room. Let them catch you gazing into their eyes dreamily and you will definetly leave a lasting impression.

4- Remember your manners. Please and Thank You say so much more than just, well, please and thank you. Saying these simple little words shows your date that you notice the things they are going out of their way to do for you and that you appreciate their gestures.

5- Smile. Leave your stresses at home and plan on smiling, alot! Plan on having a great time and the hard part of the date is already over. Just don’t plaster a phony smile across your face.Make it warm and inviting by being natural with your smile. And remember smiling can be very contagious!

6- Give a soft squeeze of the hand. As you are enjoying your date, let them know by giving them a squeeze of their hand. This shows excitement, happiness, and intimacy without being too forward. It also can create a moment between you two which says, I’m really enjoying being with you.

7- Sing. You don’t have to be good at it either. But singing relates just how comfortable you are with the other person. And if the song is appropriate for the moment, make sure to look into their eyes as you sing sweet words of adoration. They will never hear just how bad you sound, all they will remember is that you sang to them!

8- Send the message time is endless when you are with them. Be on time and don’t hurry through the date. Don’t make plans to do anything with friends or relatives after the allotted time for your date. You never know how long your date will be, especially if you are really enjoying each others company.

9- Remember little specifics. Remember that your date once said that they liked candles, or coconut, or cartoons and show them that you remember even the smallest, silliest things about them. Have candles scattered through out your entertaining area, or suggest the coconut shrimp at the restaurant, or flip on the cartoon channel and curl up on the couch laughing like kids.

10- Take a memento and offer it to your date. Whether it be a fancy umbrella from a special drink at the fantastic lounge you two just dined and danced at, or a flower from the park you both admired during your walk, or the ticket stub to that great concert you just attended. This sweet gesture says, remember this great time, and remember how we enjoyed each other company, but especially remember me!

Try these simple and easy tips the next time you want to have a truly romantic time. And don’t be surprised when word gets out about how romantic you really are!


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