How I Got My First Payment From Bukisa

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I just got my first payment from Bukisa, I knew one was coming and I was eagerly awaiting it.  It wasn’t a lot of money, but it is the only the first payment.  Perhaps the best thing is that it will keep growing and coming, especially as I write more articles and refer more people.  I’ve been on Bukisa since March of 2009 and currently have 16 articles working for me. If you are not on bukisa and would like to join, you may Join Bukisa Here.   I also write on

If you have been writing articles for a while you know that many suggest your write an article a day for several days in a row.  It’s obvious that I haven’t done that since I only have 16 articles and they were written over 10 months time.  That equates to a little more than an article a month.  It stands to reason if I had written 10 articles a month, perhaps I would have earned ten times as much by now.

While writing my articles I decided to touch upon a variety of subjects to see what performs best. Here is the list of my articles and what I have learned:

How to Rekey Your Locks – A practical article for any homeowner or soon to be homeowner, especially the DIY type of homeowner.  This one is too new to determine how well it will perform.

How to Use a Food Storage Calculator A review of an online food storage calculator

Increase your Adsense Revenue by Posting Articles and BlogsAn Idea I had on how to increase your exposer by crosslinking your postings with your blogs, let one feed the other – I have seen some sources that say one way links are better.

How to learn to build a website This one introduces a few ways to learn to build a website

How to get a rounded nut offAnother practical article for the DIY (Do It Yourself) type of person.  This one was a good learning experience for me.

How to improve your neighborhood Some things I like to see in neighborhoods and neighborhood communities.

How to Prevent Catching the Common ColdSome common sense advice on avoiding catching a cold. – I used to catch a cold two, three or maybe more times a year.  These days with good prevention practices and a healthier lifestyle, I perhap one or two mild colds a year.

How to Measure Your Pulse Simple and informative, I find the wrist method a little difficult but can find a pulse on the neck much easier. This article is my in my top five producers.

How To Clean Up Your System Tray – Practical computer maintenance advice – keep your computer running fast and startup programs at a minimum. This article is in my top five producers.

Creative Ways to Ask Someone on a Date – A practical yet somewhat humorous article on an important aspect of our lives prior to marriage. This article is in my top five producers

How to Grow a Mango Tree From a Seed How I grew a mango tree from a seed.  It made a beautiful tree but was recently destroyed by a freeze.  I’ll be doing this again. This article is my most popular one.

How to Get Rid of a Nail Fungus I found that plain old distilled vinegar works wonders on those pesky nail fungi, plus it is cheap too.  Useful knowledge.

How to Reduce Stress in Your Life– Some things I do to keep my stress levels down, learning self control and how to keep your stress level down is important to maintaining health and a positive outlook on life.

What To Do If Your Roommates Will Not Clean Up Their Dishes – A humorous yet serious look at a common problem, offers interesting yet effective solutions. This article is a top producer for me

How to Keep a Journal and How it Benefits Your Life A journal is really a wonderful thing, but you really only learn that after you have kept one for some time and had a chance to go back and review one of your old ones, or if one of your ancestors kept one and you’ve a had a chance to read theirs.

Keep Bukisa Making Money for You for Years to Come Keep the content and quality high, that is the basics from this article – the better your writing, the more followers and search results you may get.

It seems that my big earners were about gardening, relationships (dating or other types), personal and computer health tips.  This isn’t a large enough sampe to be statistically significant, but it is interesting nevertheless.  If you care to comment please describe what your experiences are with Buskisa.


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