Cheap Romantic Date Ideas

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A romantic date does not have to cost a fortune. Imagination and thoughtful planning is all you really need to create an inexpensive romantic date. Here are several ideas for cheap romantic dates that are sure to leave a lasting and romantic impression on your date.

1- Waterfall gazing. Get on line and research your area for waterfalls. This can be done at anytime of year. Bring along a thermos with your favorite beverage or better yet pack a bottle of wine, 2 fancy glasses and a blanket. You can even go waterfall gazing towards evening just make sure to bring a flashlight or two. Don’t forget your camera and you are all set for a romantic time.

2- Catch a meteor shower. These occur almost monthly throughout the year. Research on line the best time to get out there and in what direction you should be looking. It’s as simple as that. Bring a blanket and some warm beverages and settle down for a truly romantic show.

3- Indoor picnic. Whether it is warm and sunny out (the air filled with bugs and humidity) or cold and damp out (shivering and wet conditions) an indoor picnic is a great way to spend a romantic afternoon with that special someone. No TV allowed! Turn on some romantic music, lay out a soft comfy blanket and delicious snacks and voila, you have a perfect romantic setting to relax and enjoy each others company, no matter what the weather

4- Spa day. Set aside a day for just the two of you. Turn off cell phones, computers, and televisions. Light some scented candles, have some soft music playing in the background and treat each other to a long slow full body massage. Cool drinks and comfort foods are a great additions to your romantic spa day.

5- Visit your old neighborhoods. Take your date to the street you grew up on. Visit the parks you played in and the schoolyard you ran around in during recess. Don’t forget to turn the tables and visit your dates childhood haunts. Reminiscing about your childhood will make you two feel closer and is very romantic.

6- Play in the snow. Make snowmen, go sledding, or have a good old fashion snowball fight. Romantic laughter will abound as you both get soaking wet from the snow and will force you to seek out a romantic warm beverage. A hot butterscotch toddy should do the trick if you need a bit of warming up, or just as romantic is a cup of old fashion hot cocoa with marshmallows.

7- Visit a local museum. Most towns have a small museum that features town specific displays and memoirs. These museums are usually very quaint, and romantic. An inexpensive lunch at the local diner will add flavor, fill your belly, and complete this romantic adventure.

As you can see, cheap romantic ideas for dates are easy to put together. Simply think of something that sounds like fun, will afford you the opportunity of closeness and laughter, and get out there, or stay at home and do it. You will be remembered for a romantic time and you will not break the bank!


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