6 Signs That You’ve Been Abducted By Aliens

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Do you ever wonder if you might have been abducted by aliens? Millions of people from all over the world report abduction experiences all the time. Many more may have been abducted and not even know it; There conscious minds may have repressed the memories, or they may have been deliberately blocked. Here are some common signs that most abductees experience and that could indicate that you have been abducted too;

1. You have missing time periods.

It is common for many abductees to have periods of time that they cannot account for, sometimes several hours, or rarely, days. While there could be many benign explanations for this – from memory or neurological problems to simply being distracted, it could also indicate a possible abduction.

2. You have unexplained markings or scars on your body.

This could mean that you bumped into something and simply don’t remember, but it also could indicate a surgical procedure or implantation by alien abduction. This is a common experience by those who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

3. You have constant fears of intruders entering your home at night.

You may have even gone to great lengths to quell this fear by installing security systems, sometimes quite elaborate, but the fears persist. While everybody is afraid of home intruders, abductees tend to have an unnatural preoccupation with the idea.

4. You have odd memories of seeing owls, wolves or other creatures at night.

This is another common experience among abductees, and occurs because the conscious mind cannot – or does not want to – see the truth. It will therefore interpret the memories as something else, something more believable.

5. You often see strange lights or objects in the sky.

A large percentage of people have seen objects in the sky that they could not identify. These UFO’s can be explained in most cases, but if you see them regularly it might be a sign of your involvement in alien abductions.

6. You have fears of going to bed at night, trouble sleeping and prefer to sleep with the lights on.

Sleep troubles can be an indication of many things, but if they occur in combination with the above signs, the possibility of abduction should be considered.

While any one of the above signs could have a simple, rational explanation, the occurrence of 2 or more of these in the same person during the same time period might indicate an alien abduction. Is it possible that you could have been abducted by aliens? Only you can know the truth for certain.


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