Buddha’s Nirvana & My Nirvana : Two Poems

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What I have known
And what I have had it all
Have my cup brimful of worldly weal
And worldly woes spilling over
The edgy lifeline of graying death
In quest of the last testament
All along the eternity of lapsing moments
Into the deadbeat of my breathing heart
As if to cry for earthly something nothing
That I have not had or not known
Or that I have had aplenty for my self
Or that I have known in soulful wisdom
To fulfill the void of emptiness
Of ephemeral weal and woes
That is yet to be served in my last supper
As my nirvana from the last temptation
Of the forbidden fruits in escapades.

From the virtual shadows of death
I gaze at the staring face of Smiling Buddha
With a begging bowl of dusts and ashes
With an overfull cup of wisdom to the brim
Buddha disrobes his body and soul
To shed light on the phenomenal darkness
Of the ritual illusion of weal and woes
Of worldly maya in his prophetic goodness
And holistic truth merging into stoic illusion
In parting ways of evolving out of nothing
To passing into nothing in crescendo
Of chaos in pains and pangs of existence.

When I cry for my nirvana
Buddha smiles into the voids of my soul
And I know what I have known not
And I have in maya what I have had not
In quest of worldly pleasure in eternity
And the pearls of wisdom for the posterity.


Here I am
With a lotus
Deep in my heart
There I was
With a dagger
Piercing into my soul

Which one you do want
To save your grace
From the fear
From the vulture’s gazing eyes
Which one you want to have
To grace your vain glory
In prophesies of my wisdom

Here I keep
My heartless soul
There I kept my soulless heart
In a bowl of my last wisdom
For you, only fror you

Now you save me
From the fear of disgrace
Of a wayfairing wanderer, alone
In quest of a nirvana
From you, only from you.


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