Staying healthy and avoiding sickness

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Staying healthy and avoiding sickness can seem like a difficult task, but it’s not hard if we know what causes some of the problems which put our health at risk. Our body is always under constant attack everyday due to our current environment. Below are a number of problems which have a large affect on our health.

Food contamination has become one of the biggest problems which affect our health. Most of the foods we eat today are grown using various cloning and chemical means. These chemicals are hazardous to the human body. Some of these chemicals are poisonous, affect fertility, pregnancy, and allow fungus and other dangerous bacteria to grow inside the body. These chemicals can irritate, mutate, or kill any internal part of the human body if administered over a long period of time.

Contaminated air is another problem. The air we breathe has many harmful chemicals, bacteria, and allergens. These substances attack our lungs and affect our ability to breathe and take in oxygen. They contribute asthma and many other lung related problems and diseases.

Water contamination also has a large affect on human health. Waste dumping, radioactive contamination from nuclear plants, and pesticides all affect the state of our water supply. Water is the most important substance inside the human body. A person would not last more than 7 days with out water. For many years companies have made big profits from dumping various wastes into streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Despite many new rules and regulations, these acts still continue.

Protecting our bodies and our health does not have to be difficult. It is a matter of paying attention and taking responsibility and learning what we are putting inside our bodies.


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