how to build a survival kit

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Your basic survival needs are water, shelter and food in that order. If you spend alot of time outdoors you should carry some essential items with you that could save your life if you get stranded in the wilderness for a few days. A small bag or fanny pack is ideal to hold these items in your survival kit. We will start with water : always bring a water bottle or canteen with you, water purification tablets are also a good idea to take advantage of natural resources such as creeks, rivers and ponds. For shelter i always carry a few heavy black garbage bags in my survival kit, these can be used to construct a water proof shelter, emergancy blankets are also lightweight and work very well. For food in your survival kit choose high protien shelf stable foods, i prefer power bars and granola bars. Be sure to carry a lighter or water proof matches, a fire could save your life if you are in a cold climate. Other items that are useful in your survival kit wouls be a good knife, fishing line and hooks, a whistle and signal mirror, and a two way radio. Also if you use prescription medication be sure you add some to your kit. Whenever you go for a hike or a camping trip be sure to let somebody know where you will be and when you expect to come back, this will greatly help a search and rescue crew to know that you are missing and to help locate you.


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