How to install Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

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Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac is essentially a Mac OS X version of Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Office program for Mac can run almost flawlessly on Apple’s Mac OS X operating system because it has been designed to work specifically with Mac’s system.

The software includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Excel. It also included Entourage, a program that is similar to Outlook and helps sync your e-mail accounts to your Microsoft Office programs and desktop.

Office for Mac is made by Microsoft which is Apple’s biggest competitor. You should be aware that Apple also makes a suite program of office like applications known as iWork. iWork contains Pages (like Word), Keynote (like Powerpoint), and Numbers (like Excel).

Installation of Microsoft Office for Mac is relatively straight forward. You’ll need to purchase a physical copy of the program from or from a computer or electronics store.

Exit out of any programs running on your Mac.

Insert the disc into your Mac’s CD drive and wait a few seconds. When the installer launches either drag the Office icon to your hard drive icon or click on “Install.” A small window may appear displaying an Office logo and a hard drive icon. Some OS X versions will allow you to drag the Office logo right into the hard drive icon in this small window.

If prompted for a serial number, highlight and drag the serial number that appears in a small pop up window in the serial number or key field. You may also find this number on the physical packaging of the CD. You may be asked to enter in your name and business name. Enter your name and click on “Register now” to register the software.

Click on the Office icon that appears to finish up the installation and begin setup. You will be asked to uninstall any previous versions of Microsoft Office for Mac on your computer. The installer will automatically find any old versions and give you the option to uninstall them. While this is not required, it is recommended.

You will then be asked which types of files that you want Microsoft Office for Mac to open automatically or be the default program to run them. You will see a checklist with items ranging from e-mails and word documents to powerpoints and spreadsheets. Select all if you want Office to be your default program for viewing and editing documents ranging from e-mails to presentations.

Deselect all if you don’t want Office to be the default program. You may prefer to use iWork for some or all of your word and presentation processing needs using Office to open and read only files that are incompatible with iWork.

You will be asked if you want to set up Entourage which will begin importing e-mails and e-mail settings into the Microsoft Office program. This is also optional.

Save the settings and exit out of the installation setup when finished. You may be prompted to restart your Mac.

By default Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac will be installed under the Applications folder of your Mac hard drive. You can change this location when first installing the software. You will also find icons for each Office program located in the OS X dashboard after the program is installed for quick access.


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