NFL Playoffs: Bracket, Picks and Predictions

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The 2010 NFL Playoffs are finally here and the brackets are out. The first round is expected to be highly competitive and also features rematches that many people were not anticipating.

There are tons of subplots going in as well such as how an injured New England team possibly without Wes Welker and with an ailing Tom Brady will fare n the playoffs and also how Brett Favre will do in his return to the NFL playoffs. 

 2010 NFL Playoff Bracket Predictions

Here are first round playoff picks for what could be the most competitive round in recent years in the NFL:

5. New York Jets vs. 4. Cincinnati Bengals, AFC Playoff Bracket-

The Jets just beat up on the Bengals but the Bengals didn’t show a whole lot, and justifiably so. Cincinnati hasn’t been doing so well down the stretch but it’s hard to imagine rookie Mark Sanchez coming into Cincinnati and stealing this one on the road.

NFL Playoff Prediction: Cincinnati

6. Baltimore Ravens vs. 3. New England Patriots-

Tom Brady has (1-3?) broken ribs and a broken index finger on his throwing hand and Wes Welker might not play. The Ravens are a solid team playing well but I can’t see young Joe Flacco pulling this one out on the road.

The pick; New England

6. Philadelphia Eagles vs. 3. Dallas Cowboys, NFC Playoff Bracket-

Another situation where one team got killed but could step it up this week. Dallas played well down the stretch but I have more confidence in Donovan McNabb in this situation than Tony Romo.

The pick: Philadelphia

5. Green Bay vs. 4. Arizona-

Yet another rematch on the road. In this one I have the Packers taking it by virtue of their excellent secondary matching up against the strength of the Cardinals, the passing game.

The pick: Green Bay

Stay tuned next week for part 2 of NFL Playoff Bracket Predictions.


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