How to Resize the Your Partitions

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How to Resize Your Partitions

There maybe various reasons why you would want to resize the partitions on your harddisk. You may want to create a swap space if you are working under Linux. Or, you may want to create a recovery partition encase something goes wrong on your system. For whatever reason, the following steps will help you to achieve your goal.

There are several ways that you can go about resizing your partitions on your harddisk. This way that is outlined below is probably the simplest.

1. Always backup your entire system before resizing your partition. This method is designed to keep all your files intact, but if there is a mistake made your data and programs will be able to be restored easily.

2. Either obtain a Gparted LiveCD or a Linux LiveCD or LiveDVD. Gparted is generally the partition manager of choice with Linux and is contained on most Linux LiveCD and LiveDVD.

3. Plave Live disk in the appropriate optical drive and restart your computer.

4. Load the Gparted program.

5. Right-click on the partition you wish to resize and select resize from the popup menu.

6. Set the desired size you wish the partition to be.

7. Repeat step 6 if there are other partitions you wish to resize.

8. If your desire to resize your partitions is to create a new partition you can do this at this time also. Just click on the space left available by the partition resize and select new, select the file system type you prefer.

9. Click on the menu button at the top to apply changes. This may take some time depending on the size of the partition being resized and whether the resize will effect the data already in the partition. Normally resizing the end of the partition will take less time then the front of the partition where many programs and data are.

10. After all changes have been completed, exit the Gparted program.

11. Restart your computer removing the Live disk when prompted.

12. Test your system to ensure that all went well.

This is a simple task to accomplish, but be sure to always back up your data and programs. It is always important to be safe.


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