The Top 5 Places to Shop Green in 2010

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The effect of traditional gas emission on the environment is well known. The more driving people do, the more these gases are released into the atmosphere, thus increasing a person’s carbon footprint on the earth. Shopping green works in several ways to help save the earth, including reducing carbon emissions and choosing goods from businesses that practice eco-friendly manufacturing and handling. In 2010, everyone can make a change to shop green and give something back.

1) – This domain is owned and operated by eBay. The site offers organic clothing, recycled jewelry, eco toys and green crafting supplies. The prices are very affordable and shoppers can even learn a few eco-resolutions in the process.

2) – One stop shopping is often what pulls the consumer to major retailers. EcoChoices understands and offers their website as a green shopping alternative. The website combines green goods from more than 10 websites within on storefront so the consumer does not have to shop around and pay additional shipping charges.

3) – If you are a newbie to green shopping, this website offers plenty of options for going green. From renewable bamboo bowls to natural canvas shopping totes, there are hundreds of products to choose from. What makes this website stand out among others is the recycling program. Greenshopper offers a long list of information and links for people who want to learn more about recycling and implementing recycling programs in their community or town.

4) – There is more to green shopping than finding an eco-friendly company. TheHungerSite is aimed at providing food for starving people. Breast cancer awareness, children’s health, literacy, rainforest health and animal rescue are all avenues for green shopping.

5) – There is nothing better than a great purse or green shopping bag. EarthLoverShopping offers recycled, cotton, hemp and cruelty free leather bags. The prices start as low as $14.50 and clearance items offer even more ways to save.
Loving the earth and wanting to make an impact is an admirable choice. When eco-friendly seems too expensive, green shopping online offers a great way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from driving too and from the store.


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