Make a Candy Bar Story Card for a Milestone Birthday

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A Candy Bar Card is a story that is recreated using candy and poster board. I received one of these candy cards in High School at my fast food workplace. I’ve also made these for several people through my life. They are a big hit. These instructions will help you make one for a Special person.

Every Candy story board is different, since each person has a different story. Once you look at Candy Bar names, your ideas will start rolling. Write them down on a pad of paper at the store so you don’t forget. If you need A good variety of unusual or interesting or vintage candies, try Looking for the candy stores or shops stocking rare or nostalgic candies, and venture beyond the normal choice of candy that is in most stores.

Have fun and be creative with your candy card. The person you give it to will cherish the memory forever!

Step 1

Buy whatever candy bars or gum or candy you need to suit your story. I will give you some ideas later.

Step 2

Buy whatever color of poster board suits your story—milestone birthdays usually celebrate with the BLACK color and maybe a silver marker for the words…. You can also buy kits that make cool margins with stickers if you want too.

Step 3

Use a pencil to lightly draw the letters on the poster board, setting the candy where it goes so you know everything fits before you make any permanent marks. This is like a rough draft.

Step 4

Write the words over the pencil markings with markers and tape the wrapped candy onto the card with double sticky scotch tape. Leave the candy in its wrapper so that the person you are giving the card to can eat it.

Step 5

Here are several ideas to get your mind rolling on how to personalize your story card for the birthday person!!

Step 6


Dear (name),

For an over-the-hill NERD, you are still a HOT TAMALE and a BIG HUNK to your SWEETART! Remember, today is your SPECIAL (Hershey’s dark) day, and there is no one in the MILKY WAY more important than you today!!!! Tonight all the NERDS, LEMONHEADS and AIRHEADS will be gathering to tell WHOPPERS about you. We wanted to take you shopping on 5TH AVENUE and to the SYMPHONY IN New YORK for this milestone birthday, but the (EXTRA) cash slipped through our BUTTERFINGERS and the pack of JUICY FRUIT we had in our pockets just wasn’t enough of a PAYDAY, So we are giving you this (WHATCHAMACALLIT) instead. Even though you’re over-the-hill now, we think you’re still young enough to SKOR big in life like the 3 MUSKATEERS. You could still ORBIT the earth or go to MARS if you wanted to! We wish you MOUNDS of fun!!!! We hope this oversized story card gives you some SNICKERS and CHUCKLES!!!! You probably think we’re just a bunch of NERDS and GOOBERS. We just wanted to TAKE 5 and a FAST BREAK to say Happy ___ Birthday!!!! So, grab your BIT O HONEY little KIT KAT by the BUTTERFINGER, make your old joints KRACKEL and KRUNCH, and have yourself a NUTRAGEOUS ___ birthday!(HUGS and KISSES), Step 7 MILESTONE BIRTHDAY IDEA #2:Happy Birthday WHATCHAMACALIT!I was going to give you 100 GRAND for your birthday but it slipped through my BUTTERFINGERS. We looked all over 5th AVENUE but couldn’t find it. Oh well, we wish you MOUNDS of ALMOND JOY as you ZERO in on the big 5-0. HUGS & KISSES,P.S. We promise not to SNICKER or CHUCKLE at your age! TAKE 5 to enjoy a FAST BREAK on your special day.

Step 8


Happy ___ Birthday Dinosaur ______

Now that you’ve reached ___, TAKE 5 and make a FAST BREAK!Do you hear a SYMPHONY of SNICKERS and CHUCKLES?Do your bones KRACKLE and CRUNCH?Have your WHOPPERS turned to MILK DUDS?Have you begun acting like a BUTTERFINGER? Pace like a TURTLE?Has the old WHATCHAMACALLIT gone to the MILKY WAY?Have you SKOR-ed…a KIT KAT to put you into ORBIT?If so, You’d better make sure you still have HUGS and KISSES.Don’t worry! Take it in STRIDE …Before YORK body turns to TOXIC Waste.NOW N LATER you’ll be GOOD & PLENTY if you’re still feeling like a 100 GRAND!Happy ____ Birthday!


Step 9

Add your own personalized story part too, to make it more special and not just general.

Step 10

Give your special person their candy bar story card in a group setting. It is more fun that way!

Step 11

Be sure to check out my many other candy bar story cards in Bukisa for more sentence and candy ideas!


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