How to make icing

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How to make icing

Icing can be tricky. 
When you’ve made the cake, the last thing you want to do is spoil it all with runny icing.  Your icing needs to be just the right consistency to glide over your cake and not too gooey so that your teeth get stuck when you try to eat it.

There seems to be a lot of how to make cake guides, but very little how to make icing guides, which is a shame as it’s often when trying how to make icing that the whole cake can go wrong

Here’s a few simple tricks on how to make icing so perfect that your cakes will look professional, every time.

Take a small quaintly of icing/powdered sugar and put it into a tall glass. 
By small quantity, I mean about a couple of teaspoons. 
Gradually add tiny amounts of water or milk and continually stir.
You can use any implement to stir, but it’s important to add it little by little. 
Keep siring whilst adding more icing sugar or water depending on your consistency.
When stirring becomes uncomfortable, that it’s physically an effort, then and only then is your icing sugar ready. 
Any time before this will give you runny icing!

That’s it – remember when wondering how to make icing to do it little by little and in small quantities and you won’t go wrong.


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