Two Rascals at Pulapanzak Honduras Part Two

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Two Rascals With A Plan Part 2

 I always wake up early and this Saturday morning had me wishing that I was a late sleeper. My head was telling me thanks for drinking all that beer you big dummy. I staggered over to the cooler and all that was left was Coke. “Damn”, I said out loud, “Let me dehydrate myself more with caffeine.”

Naturally I drank the coke and it made me feel worse. I walked outside and sat in the chair looking at the lake and the surrounding area. Though hung over, I still noticed how beautiful the area was. I was thinking how bad I felt and all the beer we had consumed the night before.

I sat in my misery for about one hour and Shawn came out of his cabana acting all chipper and said, “good morning.”

I replied, “what’s so good about it, my head is about to fall off.”

Shawn just laughed and said, “Remember, we made plans to go to Pulapanzak and see the waterfall.”

Groggily I replied, “Really when did we do that.”

Shawn laughing more and more replied, “Last night when we were all in the pool buck ass naked.”

I looked at Shawn with my bloodshot eyes and asked him, “Shawn was I drunk off my ass when I said that.”

“Yup you were man.”

“Damn I feel like crap. Don’t ever let me drink beer again.”

Shawn was still laughing.

“For as long as I live,” I told him.

The girls finally got up around 9:00 AM acting like they had never ate in their lives. The last thing I wanted was to eat breakfast. It took them awhile but we finally went to the restaurant and ordered. Shawn feeling no ill effects from all the beer from the night before ordered a beer with his breakfast. I put one of those you SOB looks on my face and asked him, “Shawn are you crazy.”

Shawn always smiling said, “Nope just want to wet the whistle a bit.”

“Gee Shawn thanks for putting me through sheer torture,” I replied in my most sincere voice.

Breakfast came and I was having a difficult time looking at it. I forced myself to eat it all since the girls were yapping about how much better it would make me feel. I finished it all excused myself from the table and went straight to the bathroom and puked it all out. That made me feel a little better but was pissed about spending a fiver on breakfast that just came back up.

When I got back to the table I acted as if everything was fine. The girls were talking about the trip to the waterfall and Shawn was killing his second beer. The moment I sat down they informed me that they were ready to go. I still was not hyped about going to the waterfall. I really wanted to go crawl back in bed and try and sleep it off.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I thought what the hell I will go. We loaded up in the Pathfinder and took off to see the waterfall. Thankfully it was only about ten miles from the hotel Agua Azul.

Shawn had polished off his fourth beer and seemed more worried about if he could buy more beer at the waterfall or if we should go back to a store and buy some. I told him,  “I don’t turn around for shit unless it’s an emergency.” I was hoping they didn’t sell beer at the waterfall.

Pulling up to the gate to pay for entrance fee, there was a big advertisement for a local beer. Shawn was a happy camper. He didn’t even have to tell me, I drove straight to the store where they were selling beer. Shawn ordered two beers and drank half of one of them with the quickness. The girls and I got water. Not to let Shawn outdo me I killed one liter of purified water. Shawn, of course, killed the rest of his beer and started on the next one.

We could hear the waterfalls thunderous roar as it fell over 100 feet. We walked towards it and saw some kids swimming in the river before the water fell off the cliff. Shawn jerked his shirt off, gave his beer to his girl, and dived in with the kids.

Shawn was saying, “woo hoo this water is right.” “Dude you got to get in.”

I replied, “Hell No”

“Dude its great,” Shawn kept saying.

“I will take your word about it,’ I told him without any bit of remorse.

The girls had decided they were not going to get in. I was still ready to go back to the hotel and take a nap. Five minutes later Shawn got out and was ready to see the waterfall. We walked over and it had a wooden fence. I thought cool, we want be able to get closer than this. I know Shawn will want to go as close as he can.

I had just got that thought when two men approached and asked, “if we wanted to go into the cave behind the waterfall.” I was stunned and thought “shit,” I know Shawn wants to go. Sure enough he was all excited and worked a deal out with one of the guides even though he doesn’t speak Spanish.

Shawn had to call me chicken three times before I said, “what the hell lets do it but they don’t sell beer down there.”

Shawn laughed and polished his beer off. And we moved to a rocky area with huge boulders. I was looking for a stairwell or rope but they were climbing down hanging on to what was available. I was cursing myself for falling for lets go under the waterfall trick.

It took twenty minutes of climbing down on hostile terrain before we got to the river. Once on the rocky river travel was somewhat easy but Shawn fell and cut his hand on a rock. Shawn thought it was the greatest thing ever that he would have a war scar from the waterfall adventure.

It took a few more minutes to get to where the waterfall was at. Shawn not hesitating vanished behind the wall of water with the guide. His girl went next and she too vanishened.

I started in and froze. Tons of water falling down upon me and I was in fight or flight mode. The water cascading down I had a though about his hairy ass girl making it so I took one step towards the cave.

Instant tranquility. I laughed because it only took one step and I was in when I had thought about leaving. Shawn was kicked back enjoying the moment. His girl was all smiles and I was enjoying the innate beauty of seeing the waterfall from the other side.

There was a serenity of being in that small cave watching the waterfall. It was one of those moments that I was glad I had gave in to peer pressure. We stayed about ten minutes admiring the moment.

Shawn’s beer meter was getting low and that made it time to leave. Getting out of the waterfall was a breeze since I knew that it was only one step. We journeyed back to where my wife was waiting for us. She had steadfastly refused to go any farther.

The guide then told us to keep going straight that there were stairs a little further down the river. I looked at the SOB and wanted to strangle his ass. Sure enough there was a nice stairwell and we got back up with very little effort.

Once back on the mountain I realized my hangover was gone and I was once again happy. The cure for a hangover is to let tons of water fall all over you while you believe you are about to die.

Shawn made a bee line to buy a beer and this time I was right behind him with some catching up to do in the beer drinking area. The girls were happy and three beers later I was in the river swimming like a champ.

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