Gadgets for men: Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSi

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by digitalbear

My girlfriend and my sister has each a Nintendo DS Lite, and I must say that the games are fun, there are times I want to borrow from them for myself.

That is why Nintendo DS Lite is a great gift idea for your boyfriend or husband at any occasion, and more so if your beloved travels alot.

However, Nintendo has released a new version for its handheld gaming console, the Nintendo DSi. Let’s see if its a great gift idea for your boyfriend or husband, especially if he already owns a Nintendo DS Lite.

Gadgets for men: Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSi

First of all, let me introduce you to Nintendo DS Lite, if you do not know anything about it.

In my post, “Gadgets for men: PSP 3000“, I mentioned that I am a fan of Sony’s PSP, and it is mainly because of the final fantasy series that it offers.

However, in terms of great and innovative gameplay, the Nintendo DS series win hands down.

Due to its stylus and its unique 2 screen system, I fell in love with great games such as Zelda, which proved to be a great Role-Playing game that provides great interactivity for great entertainment.

Imagine you could throw a boomerang and draw its trajectory path with your stylus; you are not limited to the physical limits of the D-pad and buttons anymore!

Or you could write notes onto your screen to jot down important points during your game play.

If you played Guitar Hero on Nintendo DS, you will realize you do not need to invest of many hundreds of dollars just to buy a drum set and a guitar to play the game; with a custom made Guitar Hero controller that comes with a handstrap and a pick, and you could enjoy the mini-version of Guitar Hero!

Many girls and ladies really enjoy the Nintendo DS Lite, so if you aren’t getting it for your boyfriend or husband as a gift, consider getting it for yourself!

Nintendo DS Lite is cheaper than DSi currently, so it will be great to save some cash as well!

Nintendo DSi Review

The Nintendo DSi isn’t very much different in terms of specifications, just that it has added video cameras for you to have fun with photos, and possibility of future games that may use the video cameras.

Also, it has brighter and wider screens, a major interface revamp from the old Nintendo DSi, and you can shop for games and applications within the Nintendo DSi from the Nintendo Online store.

However in my personal opinion, these upgrades aren’t worth the buy for a new Nintendo DSi if you already own a Nintendo DS Lite, unless you saw games that needed video cameras and you are desperate to land your hands of them.

Also, the Nintendo DSi has a shortfall; it doesn’t support Gameboy Advance games anymore, unlike the Nintendo DS Lite.

However, if you or your boyfriend do not play Gameboy Advance games, it doesn’t matter at all.

Nintendo DSi isn’t very expensive now, so if you do have spare cash, you should just invest on it. Otherwise if you already have a Nintendo DS Lite, I do not recommend upgrading it to a Nintendo DSi.

Flaws of Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSi

The only major flaw for both Nintendo handheld gaming system is that it has much lower capabilities than PSP.

As I have mentioned in my article, “Gadgets for men: PSP 3000“, PSP offers the best graphical capabilities and processing power to date, and playing movies is a breeze.

Instead, both Nintendo DS Lite and DSi may excel in gameplay, but not in multipurpose functions like watching videos.

So if you do want a gift for your boyfriend or husband that allows him to watch movies while having a great game in the midst of travelling, Nintendo DS Lite and DSi may not suit him.

Final words for this article

Nintendo DS Lite or Nintendo DSi is a great gift for your boyfriend or husband, especially when he has to travel alot.

There are also many colors which you can choose from to suit your beloved’s liking.

If you want a cheaper alternative, do consider Nintendo DS Lite instead of DSi.

I have put all the video reviews on Nintendo DS Lite and DSi in my blog post here. You can find out more information from these video reviews.

That’s all for this article. Stay tuned for more boyfriend gift ideas.

This article is slightly edited and taken from, where I share boyfriend gift ideas to loving girlfriends and wives from a guy’s perspective.


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