Two Simple Twitter Tips to Increase Retweets and Followers

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Twitter may have started out as a social networking tool but it has expanded to a promotional venue of significant value.  Twitter has been put to use by companies and individuals in order to increase traffic to blogs, articles, branded websites and product markets.

If you are already a seasoned Twitter user skip down to the Two Simple Twitter Tips many people don’t know about.  If you feel like you may be missing some key things about the Twitter universe then keep reading.

Most individuals who have begun to use Twitter for self-promotion understand the basics of Twitter:

1. Set up a free account using a pertinent, easy to recognize Twitter name.

2. Link to a website in your profile that will introduce Twitter readers to your “product”.

3. Follow other people and organizations with interests similar to yours in the hopes that some of them will follow you back.

4. Send out periodic tweets that include active links to your articles, blog posts or web pages.

The next level of Twitter usage is just a bit more complicated.  However, individuals who are truly intent on utilizing Twitter to increase earnings have made the effort to figure out additional Twittering techniques.  The average Twitter user will quickly pick up on the following Twitter requirements:

1. Send out periodic tweets that aren’t blatant self-promotion so that your Twitter followers won’t feel like they are being manipulated or used.

2. Try to put keywords and/or hashtag keywords in your tweets so that people see your Tweets if they happen to search for that word.  For example, the keyword Student or the hashtag keyword #Student.

3. Tweet topics that are likely to be retweeted by as many of your followers as possible.

Retweeting is where the money is at on Twitter.  A post tweeted to your 120 followers gets retweeted by one follower to his 380 followers, one of whom retweets your tweet to their 1500 followers and so on.  Not only will this increase the number of people who click on the link that was included in the tweet, people who would have otherwise never come across your Twitter profile will click on your name and check out your profile and the type of things you’ve been tweeting.  Thus retweeting can increase your followers as well as the traffic to the tweeted link.

Now that the essentials of Twitter are understood, there are Two Simple Twitter Tips that many people fail to utilize.  First of all, you must keep in mind that Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters.  If you expect someone to retweet your post, there should be enough empty characters so that the RT or retweet symbol and your Twitter name can fit.  If a follower has to shorten a tweet they are trying to retweet, they will be more likely to not retweet it at all.  For example, this tweet has only 2 characters left:

Great article on “How trigger point injections are done for #fibromyalgia and myofascial #pain” at

It’s more likely to be retweeted if I just say:

How trigger point injections are done for #fibromyalgia and myofascial #pain

Now, hopefully you have noticed something important about how the 2 tweets above differ from most of the other tweets that you see.  Many people who use Twitter realize that they need to shorten their url’s in order to fit into the 140 characters.  The most common url shortener on Twitter is the which shows as:

“Herbs that can improve your #memory”

Notice that the original address, though too long, would have at least contained Twitter searchable keywords.  The address removes that small but viable possibility for tweet promotion.  Luckily, there is a free url shortener at that allows you to shorten the web address with self chosen key words.  By using this technique you can unobtrusively use hashtag key words in the text and have the non-hashtag key words in the web link.

Any Twitter user can easily increase their followers and retweets by simply increasing the likelihood that your tweets will get found through a Twitter search and making it easy for followers to retweet your tweets.


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