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During the usage of Windows XP, it is fateful that you have ever received kinds of feature / indite errors such as \”xx memory crapper not be feature or written\”. So what should we do to effectively straighten them out and avoid the aforementioned problems when running large applications or games in the future? In fact, when unfortunately encountering the above problems, you crapper easily follow the steps beneath to solve the problem to behave PC performance.

1) Remove whatever uncollectible plug-ins. When aquatics the internet, whatever plug-ins will automatically establish on the machine without letting us know. Seriously, whatever will be very cushy to offend with another applications, which indirectly results in grouping memory read/ indite errors. In order to behave PC performance, and provide a clean, steady working surround for the large applications and machine games, it is advisable that you crapper regularly run security software to check whether there are uncollectible plug-ins on the machine and timely remove them from the system.

2) Manually restore grouping services. If there is something criminal with the assist \”Windows Management Instrumentation\”, a grouping memory feature / indite error will also occur. So you crapper manually restore this assist in order to behave PC performance. You crapper exactly follow the travel below: go to Start ->run ->type \”services.msc\” to access \”Services\”. Here, gratify locate \”Windows Management Instrumentation\”->right click it to superior \”Properties\” ->click \”Stop\” in the popping-up General tab to temporarily disable this service. Then gratify open grouping manager and then open the beneath folders digit by one: Windows->System32->Wbem->Repository, and back up all folders within \”Repository\”. Last, gratify revive your machine and restart \”Windows Management Instrumentation\” service.

3) Repair corrupt grouping files. Once the machine is infected by viruses, whatever files will be removed incorrectly, which results in memory feature / indite errors. So a bushel of the corrupt grouping files is needed. What you requirement to do is to run an anti-virus information to check whether the machine is infected by viruses or spyware and invoke on the real-time safeguard to protect your machine at any time.

Then you crapper use the \”sfc\” demand to bushel the corrupt grouping files: go to Run -> CMD to open the \”Command Prompt\” windows -> enter \”sfc/scannow\” and press Enter to travel the scan process. Once there is a corrupt grouping file, you will be promoted to insert the Windows installation round to change the corrupt files.

4) Last, to avoid this problem, what you requirement to do vitally is to release more available memory. So when running large application, you crapper first invoke soured another running information expect the digit that you do need. Besides, gratify do remember to timely uninstall the unwanted programs that you do not requirement to release more available memory. Moreover, you should run a Disc Cleanup to regularly clear the useless grouping fling files from your computer, which followed by a ultimate disk defragmentation. In this way, all files will be unreal coherently on the hard disk and easier to be accessed to, which will not only mend the memory feature or indite errors but also behave PC performance.

In conclusion, with the ultimate steps above, you crapper easily mend the feature / indite errors and then behave PC action greatly. But gratify state that no matter how brand-new your machine is right now, if it lacks proper daily maintenance, it will not work properly for you.


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