Juicing Your Articles Performance to Achieve Top Search Ranking

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Article marketing can be the best, free way to generate leads and drive traffic to your sites. Hundreds of article directories exist to help you get your word out.

But, like any online marketing, search engines can be fickle, and getting your content to stand out can be tricky. Here are a few of the top tricks that give your article ‘juice’ and raise their importance with search engines.

  1. Submit your article to a directory like AAAArticle.com, and make a note of the link to your article.

  2. Post your article’s link on any of the social networking sites you use – facebook, myspace, HI5, etc. I highly recommend Onlywire.com. You enter in your information for dozens of networking sites, and it posts the update all at once!

  3. Next, go to Pingler.com and submit your link there.

  4. Go to Scribd.com and upload your article there.

  5. Next, go to squidoo.com, blogger.com, and hubpages.com and post the article there. Either add a bit more content to add 2-3 additional modules, or (if your article is long enough) break it into sections.

  6. Make a press-release about the article. I personally use www.free-press-release.com/ because, well, it’s free! And I get reliable and quick indexing by the engines.

  7. Forum and blog posting – you’re on forums and blogs about your interest, right? Go and update your signature file to point to your article. Make some posts.

  8. Yahoo answers – this is optional to me. Find topics and questions people have started relating to your keywords – answer the question and in the source box of your answer, post the link to your article.

What this does for you is increase the ‘impact’ of your article in the eyes of the search engines. Some sites, like hubpages.com and squidoo, are looked upon very favorably by the search engines, and your content is picked up quickly there. The multiple links to your article are captured by Google, etc., and helps increase your rankings.

All this takes little time, and can help dramatically raise the return on your articles!

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