Two Rascals With A Plan

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On one long anticipated Friday I got off work at 2:30 pm. The girls had everything ready to load the moment I pulled in the driveway. As usual, I barked orders being in a hurry to get to where I want to go. Shawn just smiled because he was ready to start the journey, as well.

The Pathfinder laden down we took off to the Esso gas station to fill one of the coolers up with ice. Once again in a rush everything seemed to be going in slow motion. Finally after getting the ice in the cooler, I barked tires getting back on the road and officially embarking on our journey.

And officially a few seconds after the official beginning, Shawn and I had beer in our hands hell bent on having a great time. We were departing to Lake Yahoa in Honduras. We had reservations to stay in cabañas at the Hotel Agua Azul. The Agua Azul is a marvelous place built in the 1930’s and holds an appealing charm. It’s also a historic place and a member of the National Honduras park system. The parks official name is Parque Nacional Cerro Azul Meambar.

Of course, I wanted to get there in a hurry and traffic was heavy. Shawn being the handy man kept handing beers when I needed a little refreshing. The two hour drive really turned out to be amiable once I gave up trying to pass everyone and flowing with the traffic I settled down.

The girls were happy to be going someplace and were talking about all the flower and birds they would be able to observe. Shawn and I were more interested in cool things like fishing, grilling and drinking. However, I had studied up a little on Parque Nacional Cerro Azul Meambar and injected into the girls conversation that the Park has 373 different species of birds. That impressed them and they got more eager with what the park had to offer. Personally I wanted to see a Toucan.

Finally we saw the south end of the lake but we were on our way to the north end. Driving around the lake many people were selling Tilapia that they had caught from the lake but we were not shopping for fish.

Once checked into the hotel the girls set off to explore the park. Shawn and I set off to explore the lake. It’s a cool lake that is natural. It sits on top of a dormant volcano. We couldn’t wander off to far because the cooler was too heavy to pull around.

That’s where a boat comes in handy. We rented a boat and guide for 20 bucks rounded up the girls and set off on the grand tour of the lake. There were fish farms on the lake where Tilapia were raised in nets. Shawn and I both wanted to jump out and cut the nets.

The tour lasted two hours and another 20 bucks but it was well worth it. The lake surrounded by mountains is postcard pretty. To my regret I found out there were no more alligators in or around the lake. I wanted to do my Tarzan imitation. Maybe it was the beer.

By the time we got to the dock it was dark and it was time for a real sport–grilling. The girls were complaining about being hungry. Shawn and I being he men grillers immediately jumped off the boat in waist deep water and headed to the cabaña to fire up the Webber grill. The girls finally got up the hill and started getting everything ready. I had made potato salad the night before.

I am a notorious slow cooker. I love to cook things slow because of the flavor. I also like to cook slowly because I get a chance to drink more beer. I got tired of hearing the girls say, “I am so hungry I could eat the grill.”  

I choose on this occasion to speed things up a little where they wouldn’t take a bite out of the grill. I had bought some chorizo with us and put it on the grill because it wouldn’t take long for it to cook.

I took it off the grill and, wow, they ate it like wild dogs. Shawn and I were laughing hard at them because they threw all manners out the door and got down on chorizo. Shawn and I were content because we had plenty of beer left.

Finally the chicken was ready and we all had a good meal. There is only one thing to do at this point and that was to go to the swimming pool. The water was going to be cold so that made Shawn and me even like it better because the girls thought we would chicken out.

Women, water, men, and beer- It seems to me women would one day learn that combination means we are going to do something crazy that involves them. The water was colder than a witch’s tit but once in it was refreshing. Once the girls were in and accustomed to the water rascals have to play gator. However, gator being played with a lot of beer consumption becomes naked gator.

Shawn a great swimmer made the first move. He made a big display of diving off the diving board on the other side of the pool. Once in the water he swam to where his girl had turned to talk to my wife–bad move.

I had got out of the pool to get some liquid refreshment for me and Shawn and I saw him swimming underwater. I instantly stopped because I knew something cool was about to happen. True to our nature Shawn eased up to her and burst out of the water snagging her bikini top and then diving back towards the other end of the pool.

 His girl was mad at him and didn’t realize I was getting an eyeful. When she finally realized and saw me laughing she tried to cover up. I just said the first thing that came to mine and told her, “your nipples are kind of dark.”

 She was a good sport which is really nice because Shawn had slipped back towards her and a few seconds later her bikini bottom got jerked off. Now, I was having a good time.

 That girl had a huge bush. We ended up all swimming naked and finishing the beer before crashing.

 Two Rascals with a plan that came together. That’s the way we like it..

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