Core Muscle Training Prevents Low Back Pain, Improves Balance And Boosts Energy

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Your core muscles, which are in your abdomen, back and pelvis, are involved in almost every move you make. Strengthening this muscle group through core muscle training will help prevent (or diminish if you already have) low back pain, improve balance and give a boost to your energy level.

When your core muscles are weak, it makes your back susceptible to various types of injuries that can be temporary or permanent. Building a strong back with core muscle training will make you much less likely to injure your back and will help diminish low back pain you may already experience. The entire weight of our upper torso rests squarely on the lower back, plus the back muscles keep our spines stabilized. Core muscle training will keep our hard working backs strong and healthy.

Falls due to loss of balance is not something that only senior’s experience, our sense of balance starts diminishing at around age 25. Core muscle training cuts the risk or trips, fall and related injuries by improving balance.

Core muscle training also boosts energy. When core muscles are strong, it makes each task we do easier. Sitting, walking, bending, lying down or getting up, all everyday normal movements, are made easier when the core muscles are strong, so less energy is expended for these movements. Less energy expended on our unconscious movements leaves more energy available for those conscious movements we make when we are involved in an activity.

Core muscle training runs the gamut from vigorous physical exercise like snow skiing to slow, precise movements of yoga and Pilates. It’s easy to find a core training exercise that will work for you and enable you to build strong core muscles that will prevent low back pain, improve balance and boost energy.


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