Make a Candy Bar Story Card for a Special Co-Worker or Boss

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A Candy Bar Card is a story that is recreated using candy and poster board. I received one of these candy cards in High School at my fast food workplace. I’ve also made these for several people through my life. They are a big hit. These instructions will help you make one for a Special Co-Worker or Boss.

Every Candy story board is different, since each person has a different story. Once you look at Candy Bar names, your ideas will start rolling. Write them down on a pad of paper at the store so you don’t forget. If you need A good variety of unusual or interesting or vintage candies, try Looking for the candy stores or shops stocking rare or nostalgic candies, and venture beyond the normal choice of candy that is in most stores.

Have fun and be a creative with your candy card. The person you give it to will cherish the memory forever!

  1. Step 1

    Buy whatever candy bars or gum or candy you need to suit your story. I will give you some ideas later.

  2. Step 2

    Buy whatever color of poster board suits your story. You can also buy kits that make cool margins with stickers if you want too.

  3. Step 3

    Lightly draw the letters with pencil on the poster board, setting the candy in its places so you know everything fits fine before you make any permanent marks. This is like a rough draft.

  4. Step 4

    Write over the penciled words with colored markers and tape the wrapped candy onto the card with double sticky scotch tape. Leave the candy in its wrapper so that the person you are giving the card to can eat it.

  5. Step 5

    Here’s some ideas to get your mind rolling on what to say…

  6. Step 6     Dear (name),
    UNO how I’ve been such a LEMONHEAD causing WHOPPERS of CHUCKLES and SNICKERS with my NUTRAGEOUS stories? Well now it’s PAYDAY for a SMARTIES like you! I owe you so many TANGS for the MOUNDS of work that you do! You are one of the SWEETARTS that I can RIESEN with. I could ROLO-ver MARS or search the MILKYWAY, but I could never find another STARBURST like you! I could TOOTSIE ROLL on and on, but I BUTTERNUT, because you’re MINT to spend an EXTRA 100 GRAND on a shopping SPREE on 5TH AVENUE in New YORK and listen to a SYMPHONY SKOR. ! I may ORBIT back asking for a few more of your CAREFREE ABBA ZABBA TWIX, because I can be such a DUM DUM with ZERO answers at times. I love working with LIFESAVERS like you!!!
    Your favorite AIRHEADS and NERDS,


  1. Step 7

    Dear (Name),
    LOOK! It’s almost PAYDAY and you deserve 100 GRAND, but we have ZERO dollars. We thought you’d like some CHUCKLES and SNICKERS with this card. We want you to know NOW & LATER that we appreciate all you do around here. You are a LIFESAVERs when we have BUTTERFINGERs and always help us with GOBSTOPPERS in a CRUNCH. It’s SMARTIES like you that give MOUNDS of help to AIRHEADS like us when we open our WHATCHAMACALLIT and see so many HOLES in it! It’s aMAZING you haven’t become a NUTRAGEOUS ZAGNUT with all the things you have deal with! Oh, we BUTTERNUT forget to say TANGS for all the FASTBREAK favors you’ve done for us, too! We love you because you make an ORBIT to the MILKY WAY seem possible. You SKOR high on our list!

  2. Step 8

    Co-Worker Leaving:

    You were an ALMOND JOY to work with in the WHATCHAMACALLIT.
    You blew (bubble gum or bubbles) us away with your hard work and knowledge. You are not an AIRHEAD, but deserve a SMARTIES hat and shopping SPREE on 5th AVENUE in New YORK. You always knew the RIESEN to get things done. You SKOR high around here, BAR NONE. You rarely TAKE 5 or need a FAST BREAK. You are a real SWEETARTs. You were never a MILK DUDs or NERDs to us. We were always ROLO-ing on the floor with your CAREFREE and NUTRAGEOUS TWIX. We loved to SNICKERs and CHUCKLEs with you. The HALLS won’t be the same without you, Mr. GOODBAR. Good Luck NOW&LATER for a BIG HUNK PAYDAY of 100 GRAND! Now SKITTLES on along your way and be a LIFESAVERs in your new venture. We know you’ll KRACKEL and shine while you ORBIT because you were always MINT to be a STARBURST in the MILKY WAY…

  3. Step 9


    MR. GOODBAR and Mrs. KIT KAT wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas by giving you a 100 GRAND at PAYDAY because you help the company SKOR high. With BABY RUTH on the way to add to their SUGAR BABIES, they let EXTRA time slip through their BUTTERFINGERS. They did ORBIT around the HALLS with the 3 MUSKETEERS before leaving. And they did TAKE 5 to send you each TEDDY GRAHAMS (small cups of teddy grahams) with a WHATCHAMACALLIT inside. Hope this holiday season brings you MOUNDS of ALMOND JOY!

  4. Step 10

    Personalize your card to make it more special.

  5. Step 11

    Give your special co-worker or boss their candy bar story card in a group setting. It is more fun that way!

  6. Step 12

    Check out my other candy bar story cards in Bukisa for more sentence ideas!


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