The "R" Vehicles Location Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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It’s a great, big, slow helicopter. It holds two people.
Speed and handling:The Raindance isn’t very fast, but it makes up for that in handling. This is probably the easiest aircraft to control in San Andreas. And it’s pretty durable, too.
Locations:There is a Raindance inside the grounds of the San Fierro airport, but it will remain locked until you have your pilot’s license. Also, there’s one on top of the San Fierro Medical Center Building. At Santa Maria Beach in Los Santos, a Raindance will appear parked on the beach but not until relatively late in the game.


The Rancher is a sizable four-wheel-drive truck, looking something like a Ford Bronco or Chevrolet Blazer.
Speed and handling: This is a pretty fast vehicle, though it’s no sports car, of course. It has decent acceleration, and despite the fact it bounces around a bit, it handles sharp turns pretty well. Also, being a heavy vehicle, the Rancher can take a solid amount of damage. And despite its height, it doesn’t roll over too easily
Locations: The Rancher is very common on the roads in the countryside, and somewhat so on desert highways.


The Ranger is basically the police version of the Rancher. It’s police lights work, and you can use it to perform the vigilante missions.
Speed and handling: The Ranger is slightly faster than the Rancher, but not by much. It’s basically the same vehicle, though it might handle just a little better.
Locations:Rangers are very easy to find in the countryside and desert, but of course you have to jack one from the cops if you want it, and that leads to a whole new set of problems. Every now and then you can find one in a city, but only on the edges of a desert or country area. Barbara, the girlfriend in El Quebrados, has a Ranger and you get its keys after dating her a while.


No, you don’t smoke it. It’s a boat.
Speed and handling: This thing is slow. I mean, really slow. I hope you don’t get stuck in one of these while the cops are chasing you on water because they’ll probably blow up your boat very quickly. Handling is okay, but going that slow its not like you’ll be doing a lot of quick direction changes.
Locations: The Reefer is probably the most common boat in San Andreas. You can easily find it floating out on the oceans or sometimes the inland waters, and every once in a while it will be near a dock.


It’s a Chevy Station Wagon. Or, at least, that’s what it looks like to me
Speed and handling:This is pretty much an all-around sucky car, though there are worse. It’s not that fast, the acceleration isn’t great, it tends to be slow following your controls, it’s no more durable than any other average vehicle, and worst of all, it’s brakes suck. I mean, really suck. Don’t expect this sucker to stop without hitting a vehicle if you are near that vehicle’s bumper.
Locations:I’ve seen a Regina in Dillimore in San Fierro and sometimes on the highways around the deserts of Las Venturas.


It’s another low rider. It kind of looks like a Lincoln Continental from the 1970s. Some of them come with hydraulics, some don’t.
Speed and handling: Just don’t hit anything! You bump it, you’re going spinning. So, yes, the handling could be better. The speed could be better, too, though this isn’t a slow car, it’s just not all that fast. Don’t take a Remington off-road or you’ll just end up tearing it apart as the low bottom keeps rubbing the ground.
Locations:The Remington isn’t a very common vehicle in San Andreas, but when it does show up it’s usually in Los Santos in Little Mexico or sometimes Dillimore. I have seen it a couple of times in San Fierro and on the roads in the countryside north of Los Santos, but that was so rare it almost seemed like a fluke.


This is a tank. Yes, I said tank. The army has them. They’re a blast! And they might just be the most fun land vehicle in all of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It looks like an M1 Abrams tank. And it has a turret on top with a working cannon.
Speed and handling:The Rhino has some quality speed to it, though it does take off a little slow. It’s handling is also solid, but don’t get confused as the turret turns around. That spinning turret can confuse the driver somewhat. Also, remember that the tank is not indestructible. Yes, it can take a lot of damage, but eventually it will blow up. The tank seems especially susceptible to fires, so if you blow up some cars make sure to avoid their flames.
Locations:The fastest way to get one? Get six stars on your wanted level. Good luck surviving long enough to snag a tank, though. It’s possible, but it’s not easy. There is a Rhino at Area 69 in the desert, but the military will attack when you try to enter the base. Also, if you get a one-hundred-percent completed in the game, from then on a Rhino will spawn beneath the bridge near CJ’s house on Grove Street.


This is a great big rig! It’s also the largest truck in all of San Andreas.
Speed and handling:The Roadtrain is slow getting started, but its top speed isn’t too bad. The handling is decent for such a large vehicle, but it’s still difficult to make sharp turns with this monstrosity. The best thing about the Roadtrain is it can take a ton of damage, probably second best only to the Rhino, and it’s so big and heavy it can knock other vehicles right out of the way. This is a fun rig for causing lots of mayhem.
Locations:If you want to drive a Roadtrain, you can sometimes find one roaming around the docks region in San Fierro. Also, there is often one parked at the Angel Pine Saw Mill, but you’ll have to go off road a bit and look around the saw mill. Any of the highways in the desert and countryside are also good places to look fr a Roadtrain.


It’s a hearse, and my guess would be it’s named after famed zombie movie director George Romero.
Speed and handling: There’s very little speed here, and the handling is nothing great either. The Romero won’t usually spin out of control all over the place because of its weight, but sometimes it will. And sometimes because of its length it just drags around corners you’re trying to take.
Locations:Your girlfriend Katie has a white Romero parked in front of her place, and she’ll give you its keys once you have been dating a while. Often there are two Romeros parked in Las Venturas at the Blackfield Chapel. You can also find a Romero parked at the Angel Pine Medical Center and the Fort Carson Medical Center. The Drive-Thru Confessions Church in Palomino Creek often has a Romero parked there.


It’s a tall van. They usually have signs on them relating to one company or other within the game.
Speed and handling:Chugs along at a slow speed, but it seems able to take a bit more damage than the average vehicle in the game. It’s handling isn’t great, either. I wouldn’t trust a Rumpo on a bumpy surface or while trying to make sharp turns because it has a tendency to flip over. And then soon after it explodes, of course.
Locations:The Rumpo seems fairly common around industrial areas and docks, especially the docks in San Fierro. Sometimes you can find a Rumpo in the parking area at the entrance to the rock quarry West of Las Venturas.


The Rustler is a World War II era fighter plane. It has machine guns at the front your character can fire when flying.
Speed and handling: This airplane has decent handling, but it seems to want to overcompensate for the controls, thus it takes some getting used to. The takeoff speed is a tad slow, but once you get going this sucker can go pretty good.
Locations:The Rustler is a common plane to see flying around the sky above you. But it would probably be pretty hard to get there! A much, much easier way to get one is to get all bronze medals at the flying school; then a Rustler will spawn at one of the hangars near your safe house at the airstrip in the desert. But even easier than that? Once your character has a pilot’s license, an unlocked Rustler will spawn at one of the hangars in the San Fierro airport.

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