When your sick of it all take a road trip

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Somedays i dream of summer when its twenty degrees outside. My thoughts drift to past road trips and the experiences that follow them.

Its not just the road trip its all the odds and ends you encounter along the way, along with weird things you would never find in a normal city.Probably the most interesting things i have found are in truck stops. The weird gadget you would never find anywhere else the things that make no sense but draw your attention. The special moments you have had with friends who either are not around anymore or were just in your life for a short time. They bring out the best and worst in you. How i wish i could put all those moments in a movie clip. Sometimes i am sad that great moments had to end. Probably the greatest roads i have ever taken have been to cornerstone. Cornerstone is a christian music festival. I try to drive the eight hour journey every year along the way stopping at all the weird truck stops.Last year i had to miss cornerstone due to lack of funding. You can check the website if you want www.cornerstonefestival.org

There is always something new to see everytime i go. I guess the truth is i have to work for a living which makes me want to get away,so roadtrips are my way of getting away from it all.recharging the engine is something everyone should do. If there is one thing you should do alot in your lifetime it is take random road trips.


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