Playing a Fender resonator guitar!

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Playing a Fender resonator guitar!

I own a Fender Model FE-50 resonator guitar. It is the sunburst color with the round neck. I love this resonator guitar because it has a bit of a smaller neck. The action is really low on it almost comparable to an electric guitar. The tone of the Fender FE-50 model is a little deeper than most resonator guitars I have tried. All of this combines to create the perfect whining twang for the blues.  The action is so low that you almost have to take care not to bend the strings off the fret board with this guitar. The physicality of playing the resonator guitar is the same as any acoustic guitar. The difference is in the sound and the action.  I have played other Fender resonator guitars in the FE-50 class and they were basically the same as this guitar in sound and action. There is a great deal of controversy about Fender FE-50 guitars. In my opinion it is because this guitar has a better sound than some higher end models. This means some people have paid more for less and they will try to put the Fender Resonator Model FE-50 guitars down to try to feel better about it. If you are in the market to play a great resonator guitar this is one you should definitely try. Playing resonator guitars bring a new experience to the time I spend playing guitar. The sound and feel are so different, but the mechanics are all the same.


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