Wedang Gedang (Hot banana drink) Sensations

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INDONESIA very rich in various regions drinks menu. Among such dawet of Banjarnegara ice, ice doger from Bandung and so on. Well in Magelang District, there are other drinks from the others, namely wedang gedang (drinks from bananas). When was this papaw wedang sensed, certainly will make every audience addicted to freshness. The reason, wedang papaya consisting of a mixture of kepok banana (pisang kepok) and  stones sugar, has a different taste than other beverages.

Delicious, delicious and refreshing, which revealed a feeling that when we drink it. Not much, if wedang gedang into the main menu on the Store ‘Sekar Gayam’ property Kurniawan Interview Ngadipuro Village residents, Sub Shaman, Magelang regency.

The main ingredient that must be provided is a sugar cube (ne sugar) and kepok bananas. The first time, brew the stone sugar until finely crushed , after it was store in a cup or small glass to taste. You can add orange lyme esh taste.

The next process, bananas thinly sliced. Then, put in a cup or glass to taste. After that, brewed using hot water, stirring, stirring until blended, wedang gedang ready to serve in Hot conditions

You can also find wedang gedang in Sleman Sleman is a distric in yogyakarta in valey of Merapi Mountain.

– kepok Banana (local banana)

– Lyme
– Sugar stone
– Hot water

Mixed kepok banana in the hot water, add buck of sugar stone, served in hot conditions.

Yummiii… delicious, if you want to try please come to Indonesia, one portion only 1000 idr or 10 cents us dollar, its very cheap for you.

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