Twilight Saga from A Different Perspective

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I love the Twilight Saga and am in the process of re-reading it. This time I am seeing the story from God’s perspective and it has been good.

There are four questions that you need to ask before we can begin:


Have you asked yourself any of the above questions?  I have and have heard many comments on Twilight and why or why I should not be reading the series.  Being a believer I understand the ‘should nots’ more than those who are not believers.  It’s just a story that is not true (or even possible!), right?  Yes and no.  If only following my Savior was black and white.  If only there were set rules I could follow.  Instead God gave me grace and mercy and Himself to guide me into all truth.  In I John I am told that ‘perfect love casts out fear’ and it does.  Fear is not part of God’s plan.  We obey Him not because of rules but because we love Him.  There are some definite things God tells me NOT to do or TO do, but nowhere have I seen ‘Don’t read Twilight.’   That’s why I wanted to start with the above questions.  These are the questions you need to ask before you can understand how you can read Twilight from God’s Perspective. 

The overall story of Twilight is about a high school girl, Bella, and a high school boy, Edward.  Bella is human and Edward is a 90 year old vampire who doesn’t want to be a vampire.  They fall in love and the adventure begins.  Seems simple enough.  The danger comes in when we realize that our view of love and the choices set before us are being shaped by a story and not the Word of God.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love this series.  I’ve seen the movie and read the book more than once.  But the truth is everything we put into our minds shapes our views.  At the same time everything that we are into can lead us to Jesus because He is God.

So let’s tackle the second question ~ What about Twilight is not good?  First, when you think of vampires you always think of them as being evil.  They drink blood and their sole purpose is to kill humans to survive.  Second, they captivate their prey and prey are helpless against the vampire.  Third, everything about the story between vampires and humans seem to go against the Word of God.  Why?  Well, we are to turn from evil and Jesus has triumphed over evil.  We are not helpless nor captive to evil.  God has set us free through Jesus Christ.  However, Twilight, puts a different twist on the vampire story.  Edward is a vampire who doesn’t want to be evil.  He is tormented and so we tend to see him as a victim of circumstance that he had no choice in.  He breaks most of the vampire rules and has the capacity to do good and to fall in love.  A great story, but not one that draws us closer to our Savior.  So how can we reconcile the Twilight Saga and God’s Word?

Is Twilight against God’s Word?  Yes and No.  Anything that leads you away from the truth of God is wrong so God will not want this for you.  So if you are believing something contrary to God’s Word then for you it is wrong.  And stop here for a moment.  Believing is far more encompassing that what most understand so we will spend some time on this a little later.  However, if you are reading it and small little phrases and scenes touch you then consider that these small nudges are trying to show you some missing elements in your heart.  That’s where things change really.  God could be using Twilight to tell you how much He loves you.  Twilight hits our heart, our desires.  We want to be loved as Edward loves Bella.  The story of Twilight touches our very heart as God created us.  It is at this place God can begin to speak to you about His love for you, whether He is calling you to meet Him the first time or you’ve been a believer for awhile.  His love is far better and more satisfying than the love between Edward and Bella.  God is NOT afraid of Twilight.  His sole purpose is not to say this is good, this is bad.  His sole purpose is to say, ‘Come all ye who are weary and I will give you rest.’  The battle was won on the cross.  I have set you free from sin and death.  All you have to do is believe in Me, Jesus Christ.  The love story of Twilight is about the struggle of love between two who are unequal in every way.

So with all that said how do I read Twilight from God’s perspective?  It’s simple really.  There’s no magic formula.  Everything, and I mean everything, can be seen from God’s perspective.  You could ask yourself, ‘How do I go to work from God’s perspective?’ or ‘How do I go to school from God’s perspective?’  I’m not saying we need to read Twilight as a book that has hidden meaning.  No, Twilight is just a book of words and thoughts.  God’s perspective is simply see what we are doing, reading, thinking and dreaming how God would see.  That phrase ‘What would Jesus do?’  is the perfect example of what I am trying to convey.  Being a believer is not about do’s and don’ts but about seeing everything from His perspective.  For me Twilight reminds me of God’s protection, His Gift of defeating sin through Jesus and His love.  But everything I do has the ability to remind me of those things.  God knows me so intimately that He know how to remind me in every circumstance if I would just listen to His voice.

Jeremiah 29:11 reads:  ‘. . .when you seek Me with a whole heart I will be found by you.’  You don’t have to do anything except seek Him.  And if you are seeking Him with a whole heart He will be found.  If you are finding that you are so engulfed in the desire to have an Edward or a Bella or a Jacob or another character then simply ask God to show Himself in that desire.  He used a donkey to speak to a prophet, can he not use Twilight to speak to you if you are truly seeking Him?

Are you ready to begin?  The first page of the Twilight book begins with a quote from Genesis 2:17 — ‘But the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.’  Let’s begin where the author began.  God wants you to live because you can have life if you choose.  He wants you to love because you are loved.  This is a journey we will go on together.  I am re-reading the series and want to share what I see as I read.  Together I want to get a glimpse of God and put truth into perspective.  I don’t want to change the story, I want to allow God to rise me above the raw emotions Twilight brings to the surface and see Him more clearly.

So today I am going to dwell on Genesis 2:17.  Knowledge is not bad in and of itself.  But the next line, ‘thou shalt not eat of it’ is really the pivotal phrase.  We must grasp the truth that knowledge does not lead to life.  Believing that if I just understand and have enough knowledge I will be free, have life, not do bad things then I have missed the entire meaning of the verse.  Knowledge never brings healing or change.  You were hurt by someone.  Does knowledge of the whys or hows heal you?  No.  It makes a victim who either faces the offense in their own strength or lives in fear and revenge for the rest of their life.  The second you ‘eat’ or begin to believe that knowledge will somehow free you, then you are in jail already.  In that very day that you begin to believe that knowledge will help your broken heart then you have died.  Knowledge has the unique ability to puff up our pride.  Knowledge gives us a sense of self success and ability.  God is warning us that pride in believing we know everything only brings death.    God is warning us that being consumed with self importance and puffed up prideful knowledge will only bring death.

Question to ponder until next time ~ What brings healing and life?

You are loved by a Faithful Father.  Seek Him today.


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