How to increase Bukisa earnings

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Bukisa is a great way to share your own knowledge and make a little extra on the side. Bukisa allows you to earn money when people view your content. This article will give you information on how to increase your Bukisa earnings.

Sign up – To start making any money with Bukisa, you need to sign up for an account. If you don’t have an account you can’t get paid or write any content. So, sign up to Bukisa and start earning some money.

Post articles – Write some articles in Bukisa and promote your articles by using social booking mark such as digg and delicious. You can only use social networking to promote your articles with Twitter and Myspace. Make sure you take some time to write your articles and ensure they are high quality. Its best if you try and focus on one particular topic.

Keywords – Remember to use good keywords when you submit a post to Bukisa. Keywords will drive traffics to your articles when somebody searches for these words. I recommend using at least five keywords on you post.

Post different media – Not only can you submit articles, but you can only submit different kinds of media such as slides, videos and audio files. If you have any high quality video or audio files, why not submit them to Bukisa.

Invite Friend – Bukisa have a referral program that allows you to earn money when you refer someone to join their website. You will earn a percentage of the money from the person you refer.

Click here to join and start making some money.


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