The Forgotten: A Show Worth Watching

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In the Fall 2009 season, I happened upon a drama that I really loved, even though its star is someone I don’t particularly care for.  The show is The Forgotten and the actor is Christian Slater.  In this series he stars as Alex Donovan, an ex-cop who left the force after his child was kidnapped. He’s a member of The Forgotten Network, which is a group of people in various parts of the country who work to help identify bodies the police have given up on.

The pilot lured me in as they introduced the latest member to the team, a sketch artist and sculptor.  His role is essentially to help give bodies their faces so they can be identified.

The second episode, Diamond Jane, did a good job of getting me into the story of the dead person.  I actually cared about that more than I did the regulars.

One of the things I get a kick out which happened in these early shows is that often when Alex chases a bad guy or gets into a fight, he’ll reach for his weapon, which isn’t there since he’s no longer on the police force.  It’s just funny and it’s believable.

Diamond Jane’s story had me lamenting her death.  She was very appealing in the flashbacks that told her story.  Also, the dead people actually narrate the story.  It’s not as weird as it sounds and actually is part of the intrigue of the show.  Regardless, the character was trying to be a peacemaker in her new family and that’s what led to her death.

Kerr Smith did a nice job as ‘Jane’s’ fiance, Vyto Ruginis brought power to his position as Smith’s father, and in her debut from what I researched, Suzy Hunt was great as the dead woman.

The third episode was Football John and was interesting.  What this episode did, in my opinion, was give the regular character of Walter more human empathy. Walter has been my least favorite character, but this gave him some depth.  Perhaps it’s because we learn more about why he’s part of The Forgotten Network.  Walter is just an average guy, trying to get along and to be somebody worth knowing and remembering, which is what part of the guest character’s story was as well.

The story itself is fairly good, as was Diamond Jane, though neither were as good as the pilot.  The episodes which followed these first three have been even better.

I really enjoy the concept of the show. We haven’t seen this perspective before; it’s new and fresh.  This show doesn’t indulge in profanity, sex, and gore.  It’s an intelligent crime drama from a different angle.  I really hope it continues.


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