WoW Paladin Tips How to Play the Class Better in World of Warcraft

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Paladins occupy a unique position in World of Warcraft. Like other mmorpgs, paladins occupy the position of holy warrior, but rather than be a watered down version of the paladin and warrior as the class is implemented in such games as Everquest, World of Warcraft’s talent trees let a player decide whether to specialize in tanking, dealing damage, or healing.

Playing a paladin well can be a demanding, but rewarding experience for a player. The following tips will help a paladin in Azeroth be more effective. A player should discard or modify the tips presented here depending on what works for his play style and his character.

1. Use Seals to Increase the Party’s Mana Regeneration and Keep Aggro off of DPS Characters

Seals are paladin buffs that last 10 minutes. Paladin spells such as blessing of wisdom to greatly increase the mana regeneration of other characters and himself by using it. Blessing of Salvation reduces aggro generated by DPS characters, or the group’s healer. While seals can help the paladin’s party, they can also help the character. The Seal of Fury can be cast on the character or the group’s tank tank to help the character hold the attention of a monster

2. Decide to Tank, DPS, or Heal – and Know When to Switch

Even if a World of Warcraft paladin does not specialize in the holy branch, he may often find himself being cast into the role of back-up healer. Even the priest, shaman, or druid healers who understand mana management and have maximized their mana regeneration occasionally run out.

3. Stop Fleeing Mobs

The Warlock may be able to stop it completely with curse of recklessness and the hunter’s traps may be able to slow fleeing enemies so the group can take care of a fleeing NPC before he brings back friends, but paladins can use the judge with justice ability according to the Paladin Guide on Allkahazam.

4. Keep Gear Updated

This tip is similar to the warrior tip, and paladins will often be called upon to tank for a group. While updated gear is less important for the healing paladin, following this tip keeps his mana pool and mana regeneration rater high. If it seems similar to the advice given to warriors, that is because warriors and paladins are often called upon to achieve the same tasks in the group.

Further Resources

World of Warcraft players can visit the World of Warcraft forums maintained by Blizzard appropriate to their class. Guild mates, if approached politely are also helpful resources.


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