The Power of Womanhood: Mothers Taking Their Rightful Place in Society

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Mothers have great influence in the family and the society at large and this influence should be channelled towards affecting positive chanage in the world.God made women “builders” and this asset should be harnessed for the good of our nation.

Until deborah rose as a judge in Isreal, bribery,armed robbery, corruption and all forms of social vices were rife. Deborah restored communal liviing to Isreal.Mothers can arise by making the concern of their own commiunitues their own like deborah did. Today everyone seems to mind their own buisness with zero cponcern for their neighbour or neighbours property; mothers must take responsibility for changing this.

Unfortunately, a lot of women have low self esteem.This problem dates back to the ‘’Fall”. Eve, after she was created met with God first before anyone else. Every young woman needs to be in a relationhsip with God before entrying marriage because what you focus on determines how you feel. Let your life be affected only by what God says about you because the truest things about who you are are the things said by God to you. This will build your self esteem and confidence.

The power of womanhood is also seen in the lives of men. There is no neeed for a woman to wish she were born a man.Many times, women think that men are all strong and confident but if women will stand in their rightful place, they will find that the world cannot do withoutr them. Most times women dont know their worth.Women have to be humble about this fact anyway.

On the final note, being a single woman is not a crime, after all, marriage is not a ticket to heaven. With God every woman is a complete woman.
Mothers are powerful! Mothers do


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