An abused wife talking to God!

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Dear God I pray please let my husband awake today with a smile and a care and know that he is loved by the woman that sleeps at his side.

A woman that loves him, treasures him and yet is afraid of him.

Dear God I pray please help him hold his temper so that I don’t have to feel his fist or a kick today. Please help me not to talk to loudly or say something that I shouldn’t say, please God keep me safe for just one day!

Dear God I pray please help me through this day!

 please help me tip toe away softly so not to upset him, please help me to have supper ready so he can eat at 5.

Dear God please help me get the little ones settled before he comes home, I don’t think I can stand having one more broken bone.

Dear God how did I get into this mess?

What was I thinking when I said “I do”? “Oh that’s right” dumb me I thought that I could change him!

“God” I know that you are here with me, but I am blind and can not see for I carry the bruises of yesterday that swelled my eyes and split my head. Some days I think I would be better off dead.

I pray Dear God that you will help me see the light at the end of this misery. Help me make it through the days till my kids are grown and on their way, then I know I can make it on my own.



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