Cancer is one of natural drags.

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The very simple name Cancer settles the very dramatic place in the history of mankind. Cancer is the disease which kills people much more than AIDS.

The situation with Cancer is very simple and very awful in the same time. Our organism is the very complete system which produces and annihilates the great number of various cells. But of course there are some mistakes during this process. So, our organism produces imperfect sells some times. If the organism is strong and energetic there is no danger. The organism turns on the mechanism of the annihilation. But if the organism is not strong enough, imperfect sells stay alive. And a short time later they ruined the entire organism.

There is a lot of medicine against Cancer today. Some times doctors uses operations during which they ablate parts of the organism consists of imperfect sells. But if organism is very weak, the operation and medicine is not effective. The organism continues to produce imperfect sells.

So, we can see that may be the main question in the battle against Cancer is the question of the energy of the organism.

Some of extrasensory individuals and parapsychologists can help people, of course if they are not charlatans. They can lift up the level of the energy in the organism.

The biggest part of doctors does not believe in such phenomenon. They all think discretely. They take into consideration only the disease and neglect the causative agent of the disease. And they try to cure only the disease and neglect the organism.

In 1958, Sir Francis Chichester , aviator and sailor, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer . Doctors told him, that in his case the operation was useless and he would die in a short time. He was 57 years old. But he was very courageous man. And he understood, that he had nothing to loose. He was not afraid of the death; quite the contrary ha was inspired by the chance to meet the death in the struggle for existence with the ocean. So, he bought the yacht and reequipped it by himself. He worked days and nights and after that On August 27 , 1966 he sailed his ketch Gipsy Moth IV from Plymouth, England and returned there after 226 days of sailing on 28 May 1967 , having circumnavigated the globe, with one stop (in Sydney , Australia). By doing so, he became the first person to achieve a true circumnavigation of the world solo from West to East via the great capes .

It was very hard and dramatic trip. He ought to fight for his life during this entire journey. But he survived and he has made that up to him was considered impossible. When he returned to his port he was absolutely healthy and strong. All his doctors were shocked.

They did not understand that he put all his strength for the victory. The see water, the fresh air and the entire situation helped him to defeat the disease. All this factors helped him to lift up the level of the energy in the organism.

The healthy way of life and the extreme situation in which it is necessary to win by all means, all that can destroy the Cancer.

So has recovered Soljenicin, the well known Russian writer. The man is with extremely high self-appraisal. He was so confident in his fate and that his destiny was to do so significant things that he gave up all reflections about death. And with the help of this mood he lifted up his level of the energy and was able to defeat the Cancer.

For my opinion, Cancer is one of natural drags. As we know from our life, every action leads to the counteraction. So, if we want to achieve some results in the life, we must overcome obstacles on the road to your aim, even such dreadful obstacle as Cancer.

And it is absolutely correct to say, that the man can do everything, if he is able to want strongly.


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