Best On Screen Pick Up Lines Ever

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Here are some really interesting and sizzling one liners that were meant to catch the eye of lovers and others.

“Well, Max, here we are:  middle-aged man reaffirming his middle-aged manhood and a terrified young woman with a father complex.  What sort of script do you think we can make out of this?” – Faye Dunaway to William Holden in Network, 1976.


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“You know the sort of girl who doesn’t sleep with a man on a first date?  Well, I’m not one of those.” – Emma Thompson to Jeff Goldblum in The Tall Guy, 1990.

“I’ve arrived at the age where a platonic relationship can be sustained on the highest moral plane.” – Charlie Chaplin to Claire Bloom in Limelight, 1952.

“Let’s get married and if that doesn’t work out we’ll live together and if that doesn’t work out we’ll date.” – Randy Quaid in Lightning, 1996.


“Well, I’ll tell you the truth now.  l ain’t a real cowboy, but I’m one helluva stud.” – Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy, 1969.

“How about coming up to my place for a spot of heavy breathing?” – Walter Mathau to Carol Burnett in Pete ‘n’ Tillie, 1972.

“Why don’t you get out of that wet coat and into a dry martini?” – Robert Benchley to Ginger Rogers in The Major and the Minor, 1942.


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“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, which doesn’t say much for you.” – Groucho Marx in Duck Soup, 1933.


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“I used to live like Robinson Crusoe, shipwrecked among eight million people.  Then one day,  I saw a footprint in the sand, and there you were.” – Jack Lemmon says this to Shirley MacClaine in the Apartment, 1960.


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