It’s my funeral! and I want it my way! Death seems much easier on the family that way!

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Folks seem to feel when you pass away that there must be a viewing that sometimes drags on for days and only seems to make a persons death much harder on the living.

“I don’t know about you” but I don’t like standing beside a casket of a loved one, greeting people and trying to act like all is well when I am dieing inside myself.

People that you haven’t seen or heard from in years seem to want to come and get one last look. Then you hear them saying things like “she really looks good” “Wow she lost so much weight” (or gained it) on and on and on they go, we as the close family just continue to great each passer by with a hug a handshake and a smile. Sometimes we don’t even know who they are!

The expense of a funeral is going higher and higher! People feel the bigger the funeral they give their loved ones the better it is and the more they have shown their love for you.

That’s not true!

Don’t go into debt to bury me! For I am dead and can not see, love me now while I am here!

“Nope” “a funeral isn’t for me”!  “It is my funeral and it is going to be the way I want it to be”!

When I pass away as I know I will someday, I don’t intend to have people getting a last look at me! When I die I want to go right to the funeral home, be laid in my casket that has no vacuum seal (that I will have selected). I don’t need a seal, “just the lid” because I am not going to climb out of the darn thing (smile) then let my children and close family get one last look at me to say their good bye’s Then load me in the funeral mobile, or an old truck or a station wagon will do and drive me off to the cemetery, “a place that I will have already selected” “Once again my close family can follow me to the cemetery” Then just place my casket in the vault which will have the vacuum seal, (smile) “Yep I want a seal on that”! cover me with dirt and walk away. Go out have a good meal or a few drinks, go on with your life, remember me when I was here and think of me often with a smile not a tear. Remember I loved you all very much and still do, but don’t grieve for me! Death is a part of life and life goes on! 


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