New Features Wish List for Madden 2011

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The Madden NFL video game series is a staple franchise and many people love it, but others can’t wait to see it evolve even more and become the perfect sports game we all want it to be.

It is with that in mind that loyal fans assemble wish lists each year of what features should be in the next Madden game, specifically Madden 2011 for this year’s upcoming features wish list.

So, what are the best features EA should concentrate on putting in the new Madden 2011 game which should come out in late summer/fall 2010? Read on…

Madden NFL 2011 New Features Wish List

Here are some of the most interesting Madden 2011 features that could be put in the game:

Madden New Feature for 2011: an MMO football game?

Perhaps Madden could up the ante and allow players to take their created superstars online to play in 11-on-11 online battles. Each player would be controlled from a third- or first-person view and players could build up stats in a virtual world. This mode might be a long ways off from being a Madden 2011 feature, however.

Madden New Feature for 2011: Practice Squad

The practice squad could be used to develop and call up new players on Madden 2011 as a new feature just as in real life.

Madden New Feature for 2011: Superstar Mode Features

Superstar mode needs more of a realistic and personable tilt to it, including player personalities, contract negotiations, endorsements, etc., to add more of a creative flair to the action.

Madden New Feature for 2011: Better TV-style presentation

Use real graphics from TV networks and have multiple announcing teams. Make the feel of Madden 2011 more realistic and “live” than ever before so no two games feel alike, adding to the realism of the game.


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