UFC 108 Entrance Songs: Classic Rock Track a Highlight

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Jim Miller isn’t the most well-known UFC fighter because of his pedestrian name, but he is one of the better lightweights in the UFC and he made a name for himself in many peoples’ eyes because of his great performance at UFC 108: Evans vs. Silva.

Miller is also an unassuming kind of guy in the Octagon and his classic rock entrance song at UFC 108 seemed to exemplify that a bit.

Miller came out to a song that many people know and revere. But what entrance song was it at UFC 108 this past weekend?

What was Jim Miller’s Entrance Song at UFC 108?

Jim Miller’s entrance song at UFC 108 was “Bad Moon Rising” CCR, aka Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The song was used to good effect for Miller at UFC 108 as he parlayed the adrenaline from his entrance into a big win by armbar in the first round over a game challenger in Duane Ludwig.

Miller has now vaulted himself toward the top part of the lightweight class and should get a much bigger name opponent in his next UFC outing despite his lack of star power and name recognition.

Miller is an adept Brazilian jiu-jitsu practiconer who always comes to UFC fights prepared and his hands have also been improving in the time we’ve seen him as a fighter in the UFC.

His entrance song of “Bad Moon Rising” seemed like a good fit for a guy who is reliable and always seems to deliver just like the classic rock genre which features songs many people grew up with.

Miller will probably be back in action in another two to three months in the Octagon as long as he didn’t suffer any injuries we don’t know about at UFC 108 in Las Vegas.


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