Guide to Understanding Aussie Slang

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As an English-speaking tourist visiting Australia, you shouldn’t encounter any language barriers, right? Australians speak English, but you may become slightly confused while knocking back a few cold ones at the local watering hole. Australians have a lot of different expressions, especially when it comes to eating, drinking and getting drunk.

You will not find all Australians saying G’day and calling you mate, but depending on what area of Australia you are visiting, the locals will use certain terms more than in other areas.

Australia is a large country, but one thing that is common in all of Australia is shortening words or adding ‘o’ to the end. Your best friend Dave is now Daveo, MacDonalds is referred to as Maccas, the service station is called the servo, and so on.

Aussie Greetings/Expressions

  • G’day: Hello
  • Fair Dinkum: True, genuine
  • Mate: Friend
  • Bloke: Decent Aussie male
  • Sheila: Aussie female (This is more of an outdated term that no one really uses anymore but tourists find amusing)
  • You beauty: Fantastic
  • Crickey: Wow (Realistically, Steve Irwin is about the only one who used this one)
  • She’ll be right: It will be ok
  • That would be right: Accepting bad news
  • Good on ya: Well done, congratulations
  • You right?: Can I help you?
  • Dinki-di: Genuine, really Australian
  • No drama: No worries
  • Rack off: Get lost
  • Feeling crook: Feel sick
  • Take a sickie: Take a day off from work sick
  • Stoked: Very happy
  • Drongo: Idiot
  • Wuss: Coward
  • Feel stuffed: Feeling tired
  • Whinge: Complain

Aussie Food

  • Tucker: Food
  • Brekkie: Breakfast
  • Smoko: Lunch break
  • Tea: Dinner time
  • Barbie: Barbecue
  • Esky: Insulated cooler box – usually used for storing beer at BBQs
  • Cuppa: Cup of tea
  • Snag: Sausage
  • Prawn: Shrimp
  • Veggies: Vegetables
  • Vego: Vegetarian
  • Lollies: Candy
  • Chips: French Fries

Drinking in Oz

  • Grog: Alcohol
  • Slab: Carton of beer
  • Tinny: Can of beer or small aluminium boat
  • Piss-up: Drinking session
  • My shout: I’ll pay this time
  • Leggless, smashed, rotten, slaughtered, pissed, tanked, charged, blotto, hammered: All mean drunk!
  • Chunder: Vomit
  • Alco: Alcoholic
  • Dunny: Toilet

There are, of course, a lot of other Aussie slang words used in Australia. If you are planning a trip to Oz anytime soon, don’t worry — Australians do, of course, speak English as well.


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