Collecting Comic Books

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I love collecting new and second-hand comic. Most of it is about super heroes. At the moment, my collection comprises over 1,550 items, including signed copies, graphic novels and first printings. Why is it that people love collecting comic?  

When I was a kid, I was caught by comic stories of super villains who wanted to blow-up our planet just for the fun of it, voyages to distant galaxies, but the most attracting character was the super hero whose mission was to defeat the villain. Add some drama, mix some ideas, shake well all ingredients and here’s your storyline. 

As most boys my age I used to have comic books but I’d never stopped to think they may become valuable someday. Sometimes I’ve come across a comic book I used to have as a kid and was surprised and a bit angry at its price nowadays. I wished I’d kept them! 

Actually, the collection I now possess didn’t start until the 80’s when comics were still quite cheap. Rent was low, since I was living with mom and dad when I discovered this little comic store on the way to work. The day I got in it, I found a new universe. Comic books with discount was the thing for me. I used to buy reaps of mags to read happily all night long. I even came across some copies signed by the artists that of course, I’d buy. There I put my hands on all the four first printings of the Batman and The Dark Knight as soon as they came out. 

I like graphic novels, too. Actually, there are plenty of these in my collection. I’ve met people who only buy comic book or graphic novels to keep them because they may get valuable some day, but never read them. I don’t do that, but if you think the comic you buy today is going to be valuable in the future, then do it. Some items in my collection are worthy, but that wasn’t in my mind when I first acquired them. I read them whenever I want, though the price may lower, I don’t care much about that. 

Collectors usually get plastic bags for their collections. It’s a good tip, just remember they should be acid-free or the book my discolor and that you should keep them in boxes the same size as the book in a dry, cool place. 

There are several reasons to collect comics, so it’s a good idea to keep them in a good shape if possible. You’ll never know how much they will be worth later. With some luck and investigation one may be willing to take the chance. I love reading them to try to find out how the hero will defeat the  villain. 

No matter the reason you collect them, comic book are here for good.


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