How do I Get A Girl to Like Me? It all Starts with Changing You

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You’ve spotted the girl of your dreams, the one you have been crushing on for ages. She makes you nervous but you find the courage to start a conversation with her and finally ask her out. Yet you failed. This failure hurts more than the others. You were sure that she was the one that would finally make you happy and understand you. Now you feel depressed and can’t solve the question that has always eluded you, how do I get a girl to like me?

Ultimately there are only two ways to approach this question. Blame women for all your failings with their gender or recognize that you are in fact the problem. Yes boys the pity party stops here. You are the reason that you’re not getting dates, the girls are only reacting to what you present them with. Luck for you the great hope for humanity is that we can change, a man does not have to be stagnant, and in fact being stagnant is as bad as death.

Some of you will stop reading this article, get angry, and then run back to Google to give you an easy solution to your problem. You’ll read something about confidence, someone will tell you to be super nice, and others will say treat the girl like dirt. Confidence is correct but how is someone that doesn’t strive to be his best self ever find true confidence?

To improve your confidence you must improve yourself!

You cannot convince a girl to like you by buying her things and taking her out to dinner. Why? Because you are not given one shred of respect in that scenario. Of course she might act interested you’re giving her free stuff for nothing. Anybody with a wad of cash can provide that for her, what separates you from the pack? What makes you interesting? If the answer is not much then you see why making yourself better is the key.

To attract women you must first turn within. That means stay in shape, dress well, and groom yourself. That means educate yourself and find new interests so that you can expand your horizons. That means find your passion in life.

If you were a woman what would you prefer? Regular Joe that is more interested in being a lap dog than a man or the man that is driven and has an unyielding passion for life?

I can tell you that in high school I was in the same position. I like to think of that time in my life as a test, my time spent in the desert if you will. Naturally, because I was alone I was forced to find ways to entertain myself. I started having different interests that I had never thought about before and my confidence rose along with it. Eventually, I was able to approach and talk to girls with not much problem. But my life was still hit and miss. I wasn’t happy and I was still having too many failures with women.

It wasn’t until I took a break from dating that I once again realized I was the problem. My focus was on chasing girls and not on being successful in my own life.  So I buckled down, went back to school, and tried to do what made me happy as much as possible. Guess what happened? I ended up meeting a girl in class and she pursued me! We had a relationship for about a year and it was the most fulfilling one I’ve ever experienced and to top it off we are still friends and talk everyday. I later asked her why she liked me so much and she answered that I was interesting and different from other guys. I’m not saying I’m perfect but I can say that I’m always ready to wake up in the morning and live my life. That is the ultimate for me. So how do you get a girl to like you? It starts by working on yourself.


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