Comic Book Merchandising

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Profiting from a famous character by merchandising is commonplace nowadays, and what everybody’s expecting. Every publisher, as well as the advertising agencies are well aware of that. 

Star Wars is a clear example of what a good business is merchandising movie characters. The movies were such a big hit that they sold merchandising from it such as action figures, accessories, posters etc. Actually, the Star Wars case is a representative model of the movie merchandising success: while the six movies made about 3.5 billion dollars, the merchandising sales went up to over 9 billion! No wonder why they turned the SW story into comic! 

The business of comic merchandise is a risky business but if taken seriously, it can make big reaps of money, given certain considerations such as attractive package according to the target audience, strategic display location, and, above all, price. 

Another popular merchandising item are T-shirts, which are sold not only in comic book stores but in your nearest mall. Staple characters such as Superman in T-shirts have made merchandising part of the mainstream market, and available to an audience willing to accept and buy them. 

Merchandising means conducting sociological as well as psychological research, where the potential clients’ attitude towards the product, namely physical and facial reactions, are studied to find out the level of acceptance and potential sale of the product. Personal recommendation is an aspect to take into account. For instance, if people like a movie, they’re going to recommend it to friends and family. And here’s where fast food restaurants play a key role in the merchandising of comic book or movies (especially children’s movies) products. There’s hardly a better place for a comic book movie advertising campaign than your local family restaurant such as Wendy’s, McDonald’s or Burger King. Anybody can see the benefits of merchandising, almost as a safe bet if characters are popular. However, there are several aspects to consider, for instance, exposure. The effects of that will be evident any time soon. Or not.


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