Life’s Gift from God My Story – Part 2 of 2

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Waiting for right message to come
Guess god really sent you to me!
There was joyful laughter
As they all came toward me

Guess why we come they said!
Yes and No, I don’t really know
Must be a message from above
Tell me now and tell me fast
Something important you have

Like the bird from beyond I saw!
I feel God’s love around me now
Please tell me fast, tell me now!
I cannot wait, not any more I said

Smiles and laughter on every face  
Hugged me tight with message right
Oh God!, I screamed out so very loud
I looked up to see if the bird was there
The bird was gone, with message left

For me that message was right
Oh Lord, thank you so much I said
Your love for me is forever there
Breeze was cool and refreshing
Swaying trees with tingling leaves
Made music in my ears so very nice 

The feeling of joy I can never say
Was good, sweet and so very nice
Love from god was the gift I got
The feeling, I could never express

God’s gift I wanted so much
I travelled, went so far away
Birds and trees is the memories I have
This gift I will treasure all my life

As days and nights are passing by
Forever the gift I will carry with me
That Joy and gift I will never forget
Till the last breath is in me
Oh God! you so very nice to me

Will be there to thank you one day
My life’s memories I will bring with me
When I come to you on my final day
Thank you lord you’re the best I know.

 God Bless Amen! By Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas


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