How to Fit Exercise Into Your Day to Lose Weight

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Too many people claim they dont’ have time in their busy schedules to work. Some can’t afford to hit the gym. I will show you how you can fit exercise into your day no matter what your excuse is.

  • For you stay home moms, play with your kids instead of turning on a movie to be your babysitter.
  1. If you do turn on a movie and share it with them, give your kids horsey rides on your foot. Remember, cross your legs, let them set on your foot, raise your leg up and down. My grandson’s love the attention they get doing this. When your leg gets tired to the other leg.
  • Another exercise for stay home mom’s or grandmothers, is by picking up the baby/infant many times during the day. As they grow you are increasing the weight you can lift and carry. Examples:
  1. Lift the baby, set on your lap and play patty cake.
  2. Stand over the baby while they lay on the floor and lift them up and down.
  • When cleaning the house:
  1. turn on music you love and put movement into the chore. It will brighten your mood, clean your house and burn calories.
  • Don’t try to carry a lazy man’s load. It took me a long time to understand this expression my mom used. A lazy man/women will try to carry everything in one trip so they don’t have to work so much. Take those extra steps and stop killing your back. Examples:
  1. You’ve gone to the grocery store, when carrying in the groceries, take a bag in each hand and make more than one trip to the car.
  2. When folding and putting away clothes, rather than put things in a laundry basket, carry them a little at a time to put them away. Sounds simple enough but by adding a few extra steps into your day you are burning a few calories.
  • In the Spring and Summer it is easy to add exercise. Forget the labor saving machines. Examples:
  1. Wash your car with a bucket and hose. If you do a good job it will give you exercise.
  2. Mow with a push mower instead of setting on your butt riding around the yard. It can be done, as we have an extremely large yard and I do it.
  3. Plant a garden and maintain it. You will add exercise to your day and have great vegetables to eat.
  4. Plant flower beds. Keeping the weeds out of them will stretch muscles you’ve forgotten about.
  • When heading to work, grocery store, laundromat or mall.
  1. Park out a few rows and walk.
  2. If they have stairs or elevators, opt for the stairs.
  3. Wherever you go, simply add a few steps. (Imagine that stay at home mom carrying that baby a few extra steps how many calories she’s burning)
  • Instead of ignoring your dog or hiring someone to walk them, give them a walk yourself.
  • Be a morning person and hit the gym. By doing it first thing in the morning you are setting the whole tone of your day on a positive note.
  1. Curves for women in our town opens most days at 6 am. If you can’t afford to go to Curves/A Gym,
  2. turn on the TV, Body Electric is on our PBS channel really early, I’m sure your location has one on too.

Whatever you decide to do to add a little exercise in your life, do something you enjoy. Preferably with a friend or family member. Doing it with someone else makes it so much nicer.


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