The man is an astrological phenomenon.

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Why do we have such situations, when one man throws himself out from the window and in the same time another man flies to space? What leads the man to such dreadful result in the first example and what leads another man to the glory and the respect in the second example?

The character of the person forms not only by the inheritance and the education but under the influence of Cosmos.

The man is an astrological phenomenon which consists of two different parts. There are west part and east part . Having united signs of the west and the east astrology, we have received 144 astrological types of men. We have to take into consideration, that signs of the astrology are not unique, so some examples will be not convincing.

The special situation is with women. They do not like to obey laws of the astrology and magic rules. It is leads from the role of the woman in the nature. The woman is the continuer of human race. The nature, trying to save the human genus, protects female organism from the excesses of diversity. In the same time when men try to create and develop the civilization, women in general try to support the life in the family.

It is time to dispel myths about the quality of the eastern horoscope.

The main strain of the character of the Rat is curiosity. The Rat is not aggressive, much more aggressive is quiet and calm Cat. But the Rat is very addicted to attributes of the material life. The Bull is industrious. Yes, he can work very hard. For example, the well known zoologist Bram was the Bull.

But the Bull works not more or less than others. His difference is that he works on the basis of the law.

The Tiger is not the predator. First of all he is the strategist, the scientist, the philosopher. Examples are Karl Marx and Zigmund Freid.

Cats are not calm and quiet persons. Cats are very different. For example, Joseph Stalin was the Cat.

Goats are not busy only with the art and the creation. They are very unexpected and surprising persons. Mussolini was one of the Goats.

We know that Cocks are not great thinkers. But they are geniuses among warriors, who like to impress people. Alexander Suvorov was the well known Russian military leader and he was the Cock.

Monkeys are not the most unreliable persons. For example, Jesus Christ and Leonardo da Vinci were Monkeys.

Snakes are very clever persons, off course not all of them. But undoubtedly, they have mental faculties for vibrations and oscillations. Goethe and Thomas Young dealt with optics.

Pigs are brave persons. But the main strain of the character of the Pig is the combination of the internal delicacy with the external rudeness. The typical Pig may push somebody around without apologizes but in the same time he can risk his life for saving the little cat from the river.

So, we can see that the eastern horoscope is not the copy of the western horoscope. The western horoscope defines the way of how the person thinks and what he needs. The eastern horoscope shows what he can do and how he can succeed.

The eastern consciousness is much more collective. The west man is the individualist. He realizes himself as the person with the main task to find his place in the society, but without mixture with this society.

Two horoscopes demonstrate the different point of view of the man. It will be more understandable, if we recollect that all animals of the eastern horoscope are collective types. There are only three animals of the western horoscope who keep their lives in the collective. There are the Fishes, the Ram and the Bull. All others are typical individualists, with the exception of the Scales.

The western horoscope tells us much about the psychology of the person and the eastern horoscope tells us about the collective psychology.

So, it is absolutely right to say that we meet the man with the western horoscope, but we take him home with the eastern horoscope. And the eastern water washes the western stone.

As greater interval of the life is considered, the more we can see the eastern influence on the person. The eastern horoscope has to do much more with the sub consciousness and the western horoscope sort with consciousness of the man.

That is why we can take such zoo as the result of the interaction of the consciousness and the sub consciousness. Off course our theory has no any attitude to Zigmund Freid, but shows under which influences forms personal character.

The combination of the eastern and western horoscopes tells us much more about the person, than the point of view of the only one of horoscopes.

If we unite the information about people according to months and years of births, we can compose the periodical system of characters and behaviors of people. Representatives of each group are alike psychologically. And they will have same problems and faculties.

You will understand much better your personal needs and problems and you will find much better solutions, if you will study your astrological type in both horoscopes.

Surely, it is very hard to put the man into periodical system, but we must use all our reserves to solve our problems.


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