50 Cent: Before I Self Destruct

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With the release of Before i self-destruct 50 cent has returned to the hardcore rap roots that launched him into rap star that he is today.

Unlike a lot of albums that were released in 2009 Before I Self Destruct doesn’t have a lot of guest artist. 50 cent choose not to go the way he did on his last album Curtis which had many guest rappers and singers. Another depart from his last album is the fact that the beats he picked for this album were completely on a different league. While 50 still has the ability to find talented new producers he still goes to the star producers Dr.Dre,Rick Rock,Tha Bizness,Ty Fyffe ,and Havoc to handle a good bulk to the track crafting.

The lyrics 50 shows on this album are very reminiscent of his debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin and his group G-uint album T.O.S.But just like any album that 50 has released there are track for the girl fans that the has. Whit the track “Baby By Me” tell how any girl that has his baby is pretty much guaranteed to become a millionaire.Following that is the smooth jam “Do You Think About Me” which is good for both male and female fans that are just coming off a breakup. Not to be outdone by those two tracks the bonus cut featuring
R.Kelly “Could’ve Been You” tell all the girls that 50 dont date that they are to arrogant for him.

If this were not enough then the movie thats packaged with it just adds to the hard hitting gansta roots that 50 has been rapping about since his emergance in the game.


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